Helpful Hints

Promoting A Golf Event Website

Key Elements of Promoting a Golf Event Website A critical part of organizing a successful fundraising tournament is promoting a golf event website. Forget printing flyers, buying templates, or creating registration forms, and focus on great golf event software and technology. It is important to have a golf event website designed for golf. Some organizers... Read more »

Golf Event Planning Mistakes

Avoid These Golf Event Planning Mistakes Golf Event Planning Mistakes Checklist: 1. Starting Late – Allow 6-9 months to plan a successful event, especially if this is your first year. 2. Weak Committee – Committees are the core any golf event. Recruit committee members with a wide range of backgrounds, contacts in the community and... Read more »

Golf Event Checklist and Idea Generator

Download our event checklist to start planning the “perfect” golf event and use our idea generator to attract players and sponsors. Event Checklist and Idea Generator 2015

Golf Course Checklist for a Fundraising Golf Event

Selecting the right location for your fundraising or corporate golf event is important to a successful event. Use the ideas below to create your own golf course checklist. Here is what you should consider for your golf course checklist: Date Location Number of Players Maximum Number of Golfers Cost Per Player What  food and beverages... Read more »

Sample Event Timeline and Task List

Golf Event Planning Timeline and Task List Planning a successful golf event requires good organization and execution to provide players and sponsors with a great experience. For your first event, you should allow 6-9 months of preparation time. You can complete with less time but you’ll have to work a bit faster. You can’t skip... Read more »

21 Ways to Sell Golf Event Sponsorships

21 Ways to Sell Golf Event Sponsorships Golf Event Sponsorships are key to a successful fundraising event. Listen to a 30-minute webinar on 21 Ways to Sell Golf Event Sponsorships. Learn how to: 1. Set up the correct golf event sponsorships to attract sponsors 2. How to build a golf sponsorship target list 3. Closing... Read more »