Golf’s Longest Day: Summer Solstice A Charitable Initiator For Perfect Golf Event’s Organizing Tool

The Summer Solstice occurs on Thursday, June 21, signaling that we can officially call this time of year Summer. The longest day of the year also encourages charitable golf events to develop all sorts of fundraisers to celebrate a sunup to sundown challenge to raise money for their causes, ranging from health afflictions to military to personal or business-related endeavors.

Duration is usually the calling card of the day, with an array of golfers trying to play as many holes as possible to satisfy the financial support of friends, family and business colleagues. But often, the details of the fundraisers are unsystematic and participants feel as if they are on a long slog. More detailed organization could enliven the festivities and unearth a larger reward with some advance planning that includes publicity, special awards and numerous ways to make a long day go by quickly since the participants are having a memorable experience.

Golf Summer

That’s where Perfect Golf Event ( offers the perfect solution for organizing, managing and promoting your golf tournament.  As Summer is the high season for charitable golf events, PGE can provide experienced support as you’re right on the cusp of driving a larger dollar figure toward the cause.  What better way to start than to tee off at dawn and finish at dusk, a theme that could carry over through much of the daylight-full Summer months if the organizational process is just starting.

Charitable golf events are growing rapidly, according to the National Golf Foundation, of which Perfect Golf Event is an Executive Member and alongside a group of leading golf companies from all business segments.

The NGF’s 2018 Golf Industry Report provided statistics to show that charitable golf tournaments are an important vehicle for charitable giving. Local, regional and national events accounted for the great majority of the $3.9 billion in annual fundraising. That includes an average figure of $26,400 raised at more than 142,000 charitable events hosted by 84 percent of U.S. golf facilities.

“The National Golf Foundation’s recent report indicated that nearly every golf course in the United States has a charitable golf event of some magnitude,” said Bruce Lucker, CEO of Perfect Golf Event.

Perfect Golf Event offers a simple, variable solution to the growing need for an organizational tool to plan non-profit and corporate golf events. Golf tournament management is a lot easier from the free startup to paid, tiered escalators that offer more detailed organization. The all-consuming, organizational website,, provides economical, one-stop shopping to organizations searching for guidance in planning their event and raising more money for the cause. Perfect Golf Events conducts thousands of events annually.

Why Launch Your 2019 Golf Event Website Now?

We work with thousands of golf event organizers and many are working with us already on their 2019 golf event. There are many advantages to launching your 2018 golf event website now to have a more successful event.

Here are a few:

  1. If you had an event in 2018, launch your 2019 event now so players and sponsors who enjoyed your event can ‘Save the Date’ on their calendar for next year.
  2. Golf events compete for players and sponsors. The sooner you site is up and running, you can start promoting your event well ahead of event organizer who will wait until January to launch.
  3. Companies do their budgets for next year in the fourth quarter. If you contact them now, you can have them set aside the sponsorship funds for your 2019 event. This avoid the dreaded response “It’s not in our budget” when you approach in 2019 for sponsorship dollars.
  4. You can offer past players and sponsors “Early Bird” specials to register now.
  5. Many companies have budget dollars still to spend this year. Help them spend that money by paying for their sponsorships now for 2019.
  6. We have had success in having golfers buy foursomes now to give as holiday gifts to friends and clients. Promote this idea of “Give the Gift of Golf” instead of a fruitcake.
  7. Sponsors can have their company logo and link on your event website from now until the event. This gives them many more months of recognition on you site.
  8. You can promote your event any other activities held by our organization. If you have a Trivia night, annual dinner etc., you can promote your golf even website to potential players and sponsors.

Set up your 2019 golf golf event website now at

Raise More Money with Your Fundraising Golf Event

Whether this is your first fundraising golf event or you have coordinated one in the past, this session will focus on how to raise more money for your cause.

We’ll focus on new strategies and techniques to have a more successful event and build momentum for future years.

Topics include:

-How to organize the right committee
-Why format is critical to attracting players and sponsors
-How to market your event on a tight budget
-Sponsorship packages that sell
-How to raise more money the day of your event

Join us for this free session designed to help you raise more money. Please register here..

21 Ways to Sell Sponsorships to a Fundraising Golf Event

Learn how to offer the right sponsorships, identify potential sponsors and gain their support for your event. This is a 30-minute, fast-paced session that will help you have a more successful event and raise more money.

Topics will include:

-How to identify potential sponsors
-The right sponsorship packages
-Closing the sales with sponsor benefits
-How to maximize your committee for better results
-The 5 mistakes most golf event organizers make and how to fix them

This webinar is offered several times. Please register here

A Successful Golf Event Starts with Your Budget

The first step in planning your event is to set your financial goals. This mean establishing revenue and expense projections. We recommend that you have a three year plan in place for your event with goals for each year. So if this is your first event, set your goals for the next three years. If this is an event that has been held in the past, you still want to have a 3- year plan in place so you can track your results vs. your goals and adjust accordingly.

One important reason for the financial plan is to establish all your costs before you decide what to charge players and sponsors. If you don’t know all your costs, you may fall short of your target net revenue.

Here are revenue and expense categories to include in your financial plan:

Revenue Categories

  • Player Fees
  • Sponsor Packages
    • Title Sponsor
    • Presenting Sponsors
    •  Breakfast or Lunch Sponsor
    •  Putting Contest Sponsor
    •  Beverage Sponsor
    •  Golf Cart Sponsor
    •  Hole in One Sponsor
    •  Long Drive Sponsor
    •  Awards Reception Sponsor
    •  Hole Sponsors
    •  Pin Flag Sponsors
  • Putting Contest
  • On-Course Contest
  • Super Ticket/Mulligans
  • Raffle
  • Auction
  • Donations During and After the Event
  • Guest Fees for Non-Golfers

Expense Categories

  • Golf Course (Golf, Carts, Service Fees)
  • Event Day Food and Beverage
  • Audio-Visual Equipment (if not provided by the course)
  • Event Marketing
  • Website
  • Committee Meeting Expenses
  • Team Prizes
  • Player Gifts
  • Customized Signs, Banner, Pin Flags
  • Event Day Contests and Prize
  • Million Dollar Shot/Post Event Shootout
  • Sponsor Thank You Gifts
  • Photographer
  • Volunteer Shirts or Hats

Perfect Golf Event works with thousands of golf event organizers and we can help you with sample budgets, selecting a golf course, formats to attract players, effective sponsorship packages and more. Visit to learn more. You can also ask to be contacted by a Golf Event Coach experienced in working with golf event organizers on fundraising golf events.

Choose the Right Golf Course for Your Event

Choosing the right golf course is one of the most important parts in creating a successful golf tournament. Golfers will remember your event in part by their experience on the golf course. Make sure you choose the right course to keep participants coming back year after year. Get at least three proposals based on your needs and pick the course that best fits your event needs. Begin your golf course search early and negotiate your deal at least six months in advance when feasible.

Things to consider when looking for a golf course:

  • How far will golfers have to travel to attend the event?
  • What is the average skill level of the golfers?
  • Do you have any ties to a golf course owner or manager to negotiate a good price? For example, is anyone on your committee at member?
  • Does the golf course offer adequate space for a dinner/awards ceremony afterward?
  • Does the tournament entry fee correlate with the price to use the golf course?
  • Would your golfers feel more comfortable at a public or private golf course?

Finding the right season and date for your tournament:

Once you’ve found a golf course you must decide when to hold your event. The time of year and day of the week will dictate the price. Course rates are highest during the months that offer the best weather and lowest during the months that offer the worst weather. The best value is found during the ‘shoulder season.’ This is the time between the peak season and off season when the weather is less predictable and activity at the course is slow.

The day of the week is as important as the time of year when setting a date for your event. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days for a golf course and costs will be the highest on those days. The best rates are offered Monday through Thursday. Keep in mind that most private golf clubs are closed to members on Mondays and will host public golf events on those days. Most private courses will require that you get a referral from an existing member to gain access to the golf course for your event.

Negotiating a Contract with the Golf Course

The biggest mistake a tournament organizer can make when negotiating a contract with the golf course is to not get everything in writing. Do not depend on verbal agreements with the golf course management. Make sure all agreements are in writing before committing to the course.

Things that should be covered in the contract:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Contact Person
  • Number of Players – underestimate the number of golfers, you can always add later.
  • Maximum Number of Golfers
  • Cost Per Player
  • Is food & beverage included?
  • Services Offered
  • Are you asked to provide volunteers?
  • Tax & Gratuity
  • Deposit & Payment Schedule
  • Event Cancellation Policy/Rain Check

Things the golf course should provide:

  • Greens Fees
  • Carts
  • Golfer Names on Carts
  • Range Balls
  • Rules Sheet
  • Scoreboard with Scoring Assistance
  • PGA Professional to Host the Start of the Tournament
  • Private Area for Dinner/Awards Ceremony
  • Food & Beverage (Extra Charge)
  • Gift Certificate or Free Foursome for Prize Giveaway
  • Proximity Markers for On-Course Contests (i.e. Longest Drive)
  • Displaying Sponsorship Signage on the Golf Course and in the Clubhouse

How to Maximize Your Tournament Committee for a Golf Event

Every successful golf event has a tournament committee. Your tournament committee should be made up of motivated individuals who have more than a casual interest in your cause. Seek out business people whom have contacts outside of your organization’s network, this will help to secure more sponsors.

Below are several tips for running a successful committee:

  1. Be selective. Don’t accept every applicant for the committee. Choose your committee members based on their network of contacts and past experience with charitable organizations.
  2. Before accepting an application, tell prospective members what will be expected of them. (e.g. 4 hours per month and regular, mandatory, committee meetings) You might lose a good candidate, but you will know that they would not have devoted enough time to the committee.
  3. Be sure committee members understand their primary role is to help attract players and signs up sponsor. This is the priority for every committee.
  4. Prepare an agenda and distribute it to each committee member before meetings. Have extra copies available. This will help to keep the meetings on schedule and will keep committee members’ attention on the agenda.
  5. Consider more online committee meetings instead of face-to-face meeting. This will allow for more frequent communication with less stress.
  6. Assign definite, challenging and reasonable tasks to each committee member that will provide benefits to the golf event. Each task should be assigned with a goal and a completion date.
  7. When assigning tasks to committee members, emphasize the importance of their task in relation to tasks other committee members are working on.
  8. Committee members must be active contributors. Keep everyone involved with weekly updates.
  9. Recognize success. Most of your committee members (outside of staff) are volunteers so let them know that you appreciate their efforts as they bring in players and sponsors.
  10. List you committee members in your event materials. Some players and sponsors will support an event because they know someone on your committee.

A great golf committee makes for a great golf event so work hard to maximize their talents.

Another Perfect Golf Event

perfect-golfGreat opportunity to support St. Louis BackStoppers. They provide financial assistance and support to the spouses and children of all police officers, firefighters, publicly-funded paramedics and EMTs and volunteer fire protection units who have lost their lives performing their duty.  Perfect Golf Event is proud to help them launch their first fundraising golf event at The Log Cabin Club on October 16th. Visit to learn more.

Golf Ball and Tee

Selling Sponsorships to Your Golf Event

At Perfect Golf Event our goal is to help you have a successful event. Here are some techniques that work in selling sponsorships to a fundraising golf event:
1. Offer wide variety of sponsorships. Include a range of sponsorships at various costs to fit the budget of any sponsor that wants to support your event.
2. List all the recognition the sponsor will receive before, during and after your event. This can include their logo your website, introduction at the event, signage and a list of participants from the event for their follow-up.
3. Involve your committee in identifying potential sponsorships and contacting them to promote your event.
4. Promote sponsorship packages on your Perfect Golf Event golf tournament website so sponsor can register online.
5. Develop a press release you can use to announce new sponsorship. This is draw interest from potential sponsors.
6. For large sponsors, offer category exclusives. For example, if you Title Sponsor is a bank, don’t involve other banks as sponsors. Only do this for the major sponsorships.

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Why Have a Fundraising Golf Event

There are three primary reasons to have a fundraising golf event:

• To raise money

• To reinforce relationships with existing supporters, staff and volunteers

• To introduce your organization to new potential supporters
• Before You Start

Important considerations as you organize a fundraising golf event:

– Have you allowed enough time to plan and execute the event?
– Can you identify potential committee members, staff and volunteers to support your event?
– Do you have funds available for marketing, golf course deposits and other pre-event services?

Players and Sponsors

The key to a successful event is attracting players and selling sponsorships

One of your first important tasks will be building a database of potential players and sponsors

Setting Your Goals

Establish a 3-year plan for your event

Set ‘net revenue’ goals for each year

If this is a new event, be conservative in your expectations for the first year.

Golf Event Objectives

Raise money
Provide players with a great experience
Provide value to sponsors
Expose new attendees to your organization

How to Make Money Your First Year

Create an exciting atmosphere (visit for contests)
Set up a 3-year plan
Use the Perfect Golf Event resources
Set up Effective Committees
Control Expenses
Set Reasonable Expectations for Your Group
Provide a Great Event Experience
Bring everyone back for next year

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Marketing Your Golf Event

Marketing your golf event can be done effectively without spending a lot of money. Here are some ideas on how to plan a charity golf tournament:

  1. The most first step is setting up your website. Not only it is an effective way to promote your event, but you eliminate cost of printing and mailing brochures.
  2. Once you have a website, set up Twitter and Facebook accounts just for your event. This will help you tap into the power of social media.
  3. Involve your committee and supporters to send links to your Perfect Golf Event website to potential players and sponsors. Ask them to request their friends and business associates to forward the link to their contacts.
  4. Use the e-mail tools in to upload e-mail lists and send e-mail announcing your event.
  5. Post a link to your website on your organization main website. Ask committee members and sponsors to do the same.
  6. Develop a press release that you can send to local media outlets including any golf media outlets including radio shows.
  7. Ask for referrals. When someone signs up for your event ask them for other potential sponsors or players. You might offer an incentive, for example raffle tickets, a extra hole sign or dinner tickets.
  8. Add testimonials to your communications. Have a player comment on why they are playing or a sponsor comment on why they believe the sponsorship will be effective.
  9. Finally, develop a detailed marketing calendar and list all your planned marketing activities. Be sure you have regularly scheduled marketing action steps every 7-10 days leading up to your event.

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Committees and Fundraising Golf Events

Committees are critical to a successful fundraising or corporate golf event. Here are some guidelines that can help:

  • Select committee members with a wide range of experience. For example some from sales and marketing, some from operations, some from finance, some from a technical background and some with fundraising experience.
  • Find committee members who have a lot of energy and believe in the goals of our organization.
  • Look for committee members who have contacts in the business community so they can identify potential sponsors and teams
  • Publish agendas in advance of your committee meeting (a sample committee meeting agenda is available on
  • Don’t waste their time. Be organized and consider some conference calls and online meetings in between actual live meetings.
  • Keep everyone up to date on the progress of registering players and sponsors.
  • Have fun and be positive. Remember, these are volunteers so treat them well and they will respond.

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How to Plan Your First Golf Event

Planning a golf event is a challenge but can be rewarding if you follow the right steps. Here is a quick checklist of items to consider. You can learn more and build your custom event website on

1. Develop your goals. Why are you having the event and, a fundraiser, how much do you want to raise

2. Organize a committee. You can start with a smaller group and then add to the group as your planning continues.

3. With the committee, decide on the date. Allow 6-9 months to plan and execute an event. If this is your first event, you can use a shorter timeframe if needed but you will need to work a little harder.

4. Select a golf course. See for checklist on selecting the right golf course.

5. Once you have a golf course and a date for your event, set up your website. This is a critical step in launching your event.

6. Start promoting your event. See my blog on “Marketing a Golf Event” and “Selling Sponsorships” for more ideas.

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Popular Fundraising Golf Contests

Contests are a great way to add excitement to your golf event and to raise additional money.

Here are some of the most popular contests (note, you can see these contests and more in the Perfect Golf Event Tournament Shop (

Before your event:
Putting Contests
Chipping Contest
“Guess Your Distance”

During your event:
Hole-in-One Contests
Long Drive Contests for Men and Women
Straight Drive
Closest to the Pin Contests

After your event:
Auction (Silent and Live Bidding)

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