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Perfect Golf Event has helped The BackStoppers start and sell out their fundraising golf event for the past 6 years raising over $500,000. The BackStoppers provides financial assistance and support to the spouses and children of all police officers, firefighters, publicly-funded paramedics and EMTs and volunteer fire protection units who have lost their lives performing their duty. The key to the success of this event is the format and the event day highlights which attracts players and sponsors to their golf tournament. Visit to learn more about this exciting event and format.  

Golf Ball and Tee

Selling Sponsorships to Your Fundraising Golf Event

At Perfect Golf Event our goal is to help you have a successful event. Here are some techniques that work in selling sponsorships to a fundraising golf event: 1. Offer wide variety of sponsorships. Include a range of sponsorships at various costs to fit the budget of any sponsor that wants to support your event. 2. List all the recognition the sponsor will receive before, during and after your event. This can include their logo your website, introduction at the event, signage and a list of participants from the event for their follow-up. The more benefits you include, the more potential sponsors will be attracted to your event. 3. Involve your committee in identifying potential sponsorships and contacting them to promote your event. Develop of contact list of potential sponsors for your event. 4. Promote sponsorship packages on your Perfect Golf Event golf tournament website so sponsor can register online. 5. Develop a press release you can use to announce new sponsorship. This is draw interest from potential sponsors. 6. For large sponsors, offer category exclusives. For example, if you Title Sponsor is a bank, don’t involve other banks as sponsors. Only do this for the major sponsorships. Click Here… Read more »

Why Have a Fundraising Golf Event

There are three primary reasons to have a fundraising golf event: • To raise money • To reinforce relationships with existing supporters, staff and volunteers • To introduce your organization to new potential supporters • Before You Start Important considerations as you organize a fundraising golf event: – Have you allowed enough time to plan and execute the event? – Can you identify potential committee members, staff and volunteers to support your event? – Do you have funds available for marketing, golf course deposits and other pre-event services? Players and Sponsors The key to a successful event is attracting players and selling sponsorships One of your first important tasks will be building a database of potential players and sponsors Setting Your Goals Establish a 3-year plan for your event Set ‘net revenue’ goals for each year If this is a new event, be conservative in your expectations for the first year. Golf Event Objectives Raise money Provide players with a great experience Provide value to sponsors Expose new attendees to your organization How to Make Money Your First Year Create an exciting atmosphere Set up a 3-year plan Use the Perfect Golf Event resources Set up Effective Committees Control Expenses… Read more »

Marketing Your Golf Event

Marketing your golf event can be done effectively without spending a lot of money. Here are some ideas on how to plan a charity golf tournament: The most first step is setting up your website. Not only it is an effective way to promote your event, but you eliminate cost of printing and mailing brochures. Once you have a website, set up Twitter and Facebook accounts just for your event. This will help you tap into the power of social media. Involve your committee and supporters to send links to your Perfect Golf Event website to potential players and sponsors. Ask them to request their friends and business associates to forward the link to their contacts. Use the e-mail tools in to upload e-mail lists and send e-mail announcing your event. Post a link to your website on your organization main website. Ask committee members and sponsors to do the same. Develop a press release that you can send to local media outlets including any golf media outlets including radio shows. Ask for referrals. When someone signs up for your event ask them for other potential sponsors or players. You might offer an incentive, for example raffle tickets, a… Read more »

Committees and Fundraising Golf Events

Committees are critical to a successful fundraising or corporate golf event. Here are some guidelines that can help: Select committee members with a wide range of experience. For example some from sales and marketing, some from operations, some from finance, some from a technical background and some with fundraising experience. Find committee members who have a lot of energy and believe in the goals of our organization. Look for committee members who have contacts in the business community so they can identify potential sponsors and teams Publish agendas in advance of your committee meeting (a sample committee meeting agenda is available on Don’t waste their time. Be organized and consider some conference calls and online meetings in between actual live meetings. Keep everyone up to date on the progress of registering players and sponsors. Have fun and be positive. Remember, these are volunteers so treat them well and they will respond. Click Here to Start Building Your Golf Event Website

How to Plan a Successful Golf Event

Planning a golf event is a challenge but can be rewarding if you follow the right steps. Here is a quick checklist of items to consider. You can learn more and build your custom event website on 1. Develop your goals. Why are you having the event and, a fundraiser, how much do you want to raise. Contact [email protected] for our revenue and expense template. 2. Organize a committee. You can start with a smaller group and then add to the group as your planning continues. 3. With the committee, decide on the date. Allow 6-9 months to plan and execute an event. If this is your first event, you can use a shorter timeframe if needed but you will need to work a little harder. 4. Select a golf course. See for a checklist on selecting the right golf course. 5. Once you have a golf course and a date for your event, set up your website. This is a critical step in launching your event. 6. Start promoting your event. See our blog on “Marketing a Golf Event” and “Selling Sponsorships” for more ideas. We also have helpful recorded webinars on Click Here to Start… Read more »

Popular Fundraising Golf Contests

Contests are a great way to add excitement to your golf event and to raise additional money. Here are some of the most popular contests (note, you can see these contests and more in the Perfect Golf Event Tournament Shop ( Before your event: Putting Contests Chipping Contest “Guess Your Distance” During your event: Hole-in-One Contests Long Drive Contests for Men and Women Straight Drive Closest to the Pin Contests After your event: Auction (Silent and Live Bidding) Raffle Click Here to Start Building Your Golf Event Website