• Will I be Notified When Someone Registers for My Event?

    Yes, you will receive an e-mail copy of the registration information.

  • Why Does My Event Packages Show as Sold Out?

    When adding a Registration Package, you were asked for”Quantity Available”. If you left that blank, the package will show as “Sold Out”. To fix, go to Event Setup/Registration Packages and Click on Edit on the far right. Add Quantity Available and hit submit. For example, for a foursome, you might want to have 25 – 40 available.

  • What is the Website Address for My Event?

    From the Dashboard, Click on View Website on top of the Dashboard.  You will see your website link (starting with https://secure.perfectgolfevent.com/). If you upgrade your event we will set you up with a simple, custom website address to make it easy to promote your event. Contact support@perfectgolfevent.com for more information.

  • What is the Golfer Link?

    The Golfer Link allows the person registering the team to add/edit members of their golf group. The link is sent automatically with the registration confirmation.

    We recommend you resend the link to golfers a week before your event so teams members can be confirmed. This will help with event day check-in.

  • What is the Difference Between the Registration Report and Golfer Report?

    The Registration Reports shows all registration activity including sponsorships, golf packages and any other packages you set up. The Golfer Report shows the details on all packages sold that include Golf Spots so you can view all the golfers.

    Both reports can be downloaded to Excel for easy reference.

  • What is Quantity Available and Golfer Spots in the Registration Package Setup?

    Quantity Available is the number of packages available for purchase. Golf Spots are how many golfers are included in the Registration Package.

    For example, for a Foursome you would have 25-40 available with 4 golfer spots.

    For a Title Sponsor you might have 1 available with 8 golfer spots (if you are giving the sponsor two teams).

    For a Hole Sponsor, you might have 18 available with 0 golfer spots.

  • My Event is Over. How Do I Set up My Event for Next Year?

    Login and Click on Event Administration. Scroll down to Play My Next Event. You can duplicate your current event so you don’t have to re-enter all the Registration Packages. Once you duplicate the event, you can make the changes to reflect your new event date etc.

    IMPORTANT: You will always be able to access information from your previous events so you can download past player and sponsor lists. There is a drop down box on top of the Dashboard and you can select the event you want to view/access.

  • I Am Having Trouble Uploading a Sponsor Logo

    To upload a sponsor logo, go to Website/Sponsor Images. Logo should be 330 x 190. If you need help sizing a logo, sent it to art@perfectgolfevent.com with your Event Name and ID.

  • How Do I Issue a Refund?

    If you using our Payment Processing system, send the information for the refund to support@perfectgolfevent.com. Include your Event Name, Event ID, Person to be refunded and amount.

    If you are using PayPal, you need to issue the refund directly. You can cancel the Registration under Event Setup/Add-Edit Registrants, after processing the refund through PayPal.

  • How Do I Edit My Agenda?

    From the Dashboard, click on Event Admin and then click on Agenda to edit/add/delete Agenda items.

  • How Do I Change My Event Name that Displays on the Home Page?

    Go to Event Administration and Click on Event Details. You can update your event name and then click on submit.

  • How Do I Arrange for an Custom URL?

    For all upgraded events, we include a custom URL/domain. E-mail support@perfectgolfevent.com and they will let you know available name related to your event.

  • How Do I Add A Custom Top Banner for My Site?

    From the Dashboard, click on Website and then Click on Edit Graphic Header. You have two size options – 540 x 213 or 940 x 272. If you have upgraded your event, we will create the banner for you. Just contact support@perfectgolfevent.com and ask them to help you with a custom top banner.

  • How Do I Access Funds from Online Payments

    When someone registers and pays online, you will receive an e-mail notification and the funds will show as available when you login. To transfer funds to your bank, go to Event Payments and click on Request Funds.

    You can request funds as often as you like but allow several business days for the banks to handle the transfer.

  • How Can I Upload a Sponsor Logo?

    From your Dashboard, go to Website and Click on Upload Sponsor Images. You can upload the sponsor logo and you can add a link to the sponsor’s website, a great selling point to attract sponsors.

  • How Can I Add Golfers or Sponsors Who Paid Offline

    It is easy to add anyone who have paid you without registering online.  Login and go to Event Administration, then scroll down to Add/Edit Registrants, select the registration package the person paid for and register them.

  • Does the System Automatically Capture Golfer Names?

    Yes, if you enter a quantity in the Golfer Spot field, the system will ask for the golfer names for each one. For example, if you enter “4” in the number of Golf Spots, the system will ask for the names of the golfers. You can view all the golfers entered by going to the Report Section and downloading the Golfer Report.

  • Can I Offer Invoicing as a Option During Registration?

    Yes, you offer invoicing, credit cards or both for any Registration Package. You select your option when you set up a Registration Package.

    Under Payment Options, click on Invoicing to set up your invoice template. This will tells anyone who asks to be invoiced where to mail the check, who to make the check payable to and any other information you wish to provide.

  • Can I Change the Large Background Image on Website?

    Yes, from the Dashboard, click on Website and then click on “Upload Website Background Image”.  You can upload a new background. Be sure the background is sized 1500 x 1000 to show properly.

  • Can I Change Tab Labels on Top of the Home Page?

    Yes, go to Website and Select the page you want to edit. For example, you can change Event Day Contests to another name by entering the name in Label Field and clicking on submit.

  • Can I Add Additional Users to the Site?

    Yes, you can add Associate login. Go to Event Admin/Associate Login and create additional logins.  . You can add users for the sign which will allow them to edit the site and see reports. Only the primary user will be able to access funds if you are using our Payment Processing system.

    IMPORTANT: When Associate logins are created, the user logins by first clicking on Associate Login and then entering their e-mail address and password. They should click on Associate login first and then enter the information.

  • Can I Accept Donations Online?

    Yes, go to Event Setup/Donation Management and you can turn on/off the option and customize the text you want displayed.

  • Can I Accept Credit Cards Online?

    From the Dashboard, click on Event Payments and then click on Payment Options. You can use our Payment Processing system.  There is a 3.9% processing fee to cover all credit card fees, no additional fees. You will be notified when someone pays online and you can transfer the funds directly to your bank whenever funds are available. We also provide a direct support line to our finance team if players have any difficulties with their payment transaction.

    You have other options to process credit cards. You can use Authorize.net, First Data or Stripe to process payments. If you select one of these options, we do not charge any processing fees but the other providers will charge their fee. In some cases, they also have monthly fees associated with their service.