Author: Josh LeMaster

A Successful Golf Event Starts with Your Budget

The first step in planning your event is to set your financial goals. This mean establishing revenue and expense projections. We recommend that you have a three year plan in place for your event with goals for each year. So if this is your first event, set your goals for the next three years. If… Read more »

How to Maximize Your Tournament Committee for a Golf Event

Every successful golf event has a tournament committee. Your tournament committee should be made up of motivated individuals who have more than a casual interest in your cause. Seek out business people whom have contacts outside of your organization’s network, this will help to secure more sponsors. Below are several tips for running a successful… Read more »

Why Have a Fundraising Golf Event

There are three primary reasons to have a fundraising golf event: • To raise money • To reinforce relationships with existing supporters, staff and volunteers • To introduce your organization to new potential supporters • Before You Start Important considerations as you organize a fundraising golf event: – Have you allowed enough time to plan… Read more »

Committees and Fundraising Golf Events

Committees are critical to a successful fundraising or corporate golf event. Here are some guidelines that can help: Select committee members with a wide range of experience. For example some from sales and marketing, some from operations, some from finance, some from a technical background and some with fundraising experience. Find committee members who have… Read more »

Popular Fundraising Golf Contests

Contests are a great way to add excitement to your golf event and to raise additional money. Here are some of the most popular contests (note, you can see these contests and more in the Perfect Golf Event Tournament Shop ( Before your event: Putting Contests Chipping Contest “Guess Your Distance” During your event: Hole-in-One… Read more »