Automating Your Golf Event

Automating Your Golf Event

We get it – you don’t have a lot of time. Nobody does. Between working and potentially raising families or caring for loved ones, you also have all of that digital work you must do to pay bills and get what you need for meals, your home and your vehicle, and everything else.

It’s exhausting. But at least everybody’s in the same boat doing these things day after day.

And you have helped if one of your tasks is to organize a great golfing event. We’ve been helping people to really up their game when it comes to putting on these events without spending hours researching everything from sponsorships to websites.

This is your one-stop shop for getting what you need to get ahead of the ball when you’re looking for people to yell “fore!”. In other words, planning better and more quickly can help optimize what happens on the big day (and on the days leading up to it). 

Idea Generator

Part of this involves our golf event idea generator that illustrates how new technology helps people win on the Internet. Good life hacking involves using what you have to get results. With the idea generator, you can more quickly figure out the nuts and bolts of generating the campaign for your golf event and getting people engaged and attracted.

E-Book and Webinars

We also have a free e-book that covers the waterfront on how to work with sponsors. When doing an event like this, you need sponsorship to fund whatever is going on. But finding sponsors and working with them can be challenging. So it’s good to have these resources in hand to get you further toward your goals early on in the process. 

Early planning is a best practice: we’ve heard that from more than a few people we have worked with. And we’ve thought about it quite a bit ourselves. 

The webinars are also a quick and easy way to get more information. That’s through the power of video, where we broadcast it directly to you. Now our webinars aren’t done by AI-generating video content. It’s real people behind the camera. But the point is that you can access these in an automated way, and you can get planning quicker and with much less research.

Check out the blog to see more about how we help people to put on amazing golf events for charities and organizations of their choice. When you’re building one of these opportunities, you need all the help you can get, and we’re here to fill in the gaps. Talk to us about your needs and check out everything on the site.