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85K Hole-in-One Tops 2020 Awards

Perfect Golf Event Offers Golf Courses and Clubs an Ace in the Hole $85,000 Hole-in-One Insurance Claim at Hunting Creek Country Club Tops 2020 Awards Without a doubt, 2020 has been a “tough putt” for most Americans. But the camaraderie, memories and financial rewards a well-run golf event can offer a true silver lining. This was certainly the case recently at Hunting Creek Country Club in Prospect, Ky. Perfect Golf Event awarded an $85,000 insurance claim for a hole-in-one prize the highly-regarded club’s member-guest tournament, its largest payout of 2020. The winning ace was fired by Nick Porter on the course’s par-3 second hole, as he and his playing partners were just the third group of the day to play the 172-yard one-shotter. “I’ve been at this a long time and seen plenty of hole-in-one opportunities to win something, but I’ve never seen a golfer make one,” said Hunting Creek Country Club General Manager Zeke Larson. “Perfect Golf Event could not have been more professional and efficient, and I wouldn’t think of utilizing anyone else for hole-in-one insurance.” The hole-in-one contest was sponsored by Marine Sales and Service in Louisville, an 11-acre “on the water” dealership located on the Kentucky… Read more »

How Hole in One Contests Help You Have a More Successful Golf Event

Hole-in-one contests can help you have a more successful golf event, adding prizes in addition to the regular contest. The hole-in-one contest is set up to be held during your golf event while the players are on the golf course. The contest is set up on a par-3 hole among the usual four par 3s on a course and could expand to all of the par-3 holes. The distance is usually a minimum of 150 yards for men and women are allowed to play from 130 yards. The prize for the hole-in-one contest can vary: cars, travel, cash, merchandise, etc. Anything you can put a value on and that can be insured for the contests is suitable. The more valuable and more exciting the prize the better it is for your event because players and sponsors are attracted to it. Each golfer in the event takes a shot on the par-3 hole during the event. If the participant makes the shot on the first attempt, they win the prize that has been designated on that hole. The tournament organizer must pay and set up coverage in advance. As an example, the premium on a $10,000 contest would depend on the… Read more »