Why Have a Fundraising Golf Event

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There are three primary reasons to have a fundraising golf event:

• To raise money

• To reinforce relationships with existing supporters, staff and volunteers

• To introduce your organization to new potential supporters
• Before You Start

Important considerations as you organize a fundraising golf event:

– Have you allowed enough time to plan and execute the event?
– Can you identify potential committee members, staff and volunteers to support your event?
– Do you have funds available for marketing, golf course deposits and other pre-event services?

Players and Sponsors

The key to a successful event is attracting players and selling sponsorships

One of your first important tasks will be building a database of potential players and sponsors

Setting Your Goals

Establish a 3-year plan for your event

Set ‘net revenue’ goals for each year

If this is a new event, be conservative in your expectations for the first year.

Golf Event Objectives

Raise money
Provide players with a great experience
Provide value to sponsors
Expose new attendees to your organization

How to Make Money Your First Year

Create an exciting atmosphere
Set up a 3-year plan
Use the Perfect Golf Event resources
Set up Effective Committees
Control Expenses
Set Reasonable Expectations for Your Group
Provide a Great Event Experience
Bring everyone back for next year

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