Charitable Golf Events Need A Website Well In Advance

Charitable golf tournaments can no longer live solely on posters, paper scoreboards and word of mouth. In today’s instant gratification world of technology, charitable golf tournament organizers need to begin with a website that offers information about anything and everything involving your event.

This should be one of the first tasks for the organizing committee to complete:

• If an event is scheduled for the following year, go ahead and get the website prepared months ahead of time by year’s end.

• This allows for a “Save the Date” mechanism in potential participants’ calendars, invokes the holiday spirit of giving for buddy golf the following year and could create an early buzz, particularly if there are
“Early Bird” discounts on registering.

• Since many companies prepare their next-year budget in the fourth quarter, having the website complete far in advance allows for inclusion of sponsorship funds in the planning stages and could be an enticement to settle the company logo and sponsorship on the website for months instead of weeks. That also avoids the patented, hated answer, “It’s not in our budget.”

Here are the main items to focus on when building a website for your event:

• Promote Event Details: This a white-paper area that gives all of the particulars on your event. What’s the date, proposed tee times, course that will be used, cost to participate and the cause?

• List Player Packages: What bang do you get for your buck when you play? Along with mentioning the entry fee, include the various features that will be offered, such as 18 holes of golf, with a cart, free drinks, lunch, snacks, sponsor gifts, prizes and alternative competitions (putting contest, long drive, etc.)

• List Sponsor Packages: This doesn’t apply to participants … or does it? Someone who may be interested in playing may also have the means or work for a company that is looking for publicity and charitable opportunities. At the least, it’s a starting point on a conversation with title sponsors or just tee sponsors on the cost of their affiliation.

• Describe Your Organization: This allows a quick, elevator speech type of content that is compelling and detailed on what your mission is in organizing the charitable golf event and why it is a must to participate.

• Golf Course, Location and Google Maps Link: Many players will buy in based on the quality of the course and proximity to their residence. Just don’t tell them where and when, but make it easy in our GPS-reliant world on getting them to the location in an easy manner. This should also be easily accessible for mobile devices, since that is what will be used as participants are making their way to the course by car.

Many of these features to include in a website are relatively inexpensive or even free. Most of these tasks are merely a product of developing content and placing materials on the site. The technological details at the outset are the building block to further your event. Add-ons, such as tee times, scoring, social outreach, photos, etc., can be tackled as the event draws nearer and concludes.

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