Forming A Charitable Golf Tournament Committee

An Organized Committee Vs. One Organizer Is Essential For Planning A Charitable Golf Tournament

Charity golf tournaments, much like any successful business or corporation, aren’t run by one individual. It’s a team effort, with the tournament chairman working with and delegating responsibilities to qualified and dedicated individuals.
The golf tournament committee is essential to building a tournament that exceeds expectations on an annual basis. This group should have more than a casual interest in your cause. Seek out business people with contacts outside of your organization’s network, thereby opening avenues to secure more sponsors.
As the fall season is upon us, now is a good time to organize a committee – far in advance of the event. This can be done by weighing the responsibilities and choosing among business associates, church or those from social connections. Begin discussions around football games and youth sports attendance. It’s best to get a start now.

Some quick tips on developing the makeup of the committee:
• Be selective. Don’t accept every applicant for the golf charity committee. Choose your committee members based on their network of contacts and past experience with charitable organizations. A business person. A money person. A golf expert. A fundraiser. An organizer of all things. These are the kinds of diverse folks you’re looking for.
• Before accepting an application, tell prospective members what will be expected of them. (e.g. 4 hours per month and regular, mandatory, committee meetings.) You might lose a good candidate with some of these prerequisites, but you will know that they would not have devoted enough time to the golf tournament committee.
• Prepare an agenda and distribute it to each committee member before meetings. Have extra copies available just in case.  This will help to keep the meetings on schedule and will keep golf charity committee members’ attention on the agenda.
• Beforehand, solicit meeting topic ideas. As the head of the event, you aren’t a be all, end all. Making committee members feel vested; therefore, they are a part of the equation.
• Assign definite, challenging and reasonable tasks to each charity committee member that will provide benefits to the charity golf event. Each task should be assigned with a goal and a completion date.
• When assigning tasks to golf tournament committee members, emphasize the importance of their task in relation to tasks other committee members are working on.
• Golf tournament committee members must be active contributors to the group. The presence of any members who do not meet objectives or who do not contribute should not be on your committee.

Finally, don’t diminish the responsibilities of members, whether it involves the snacks and refreshments all the way to prizes and sponsorship. Every piece adds up to a successful event.

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