Fundraising Golf Events

Different Formats to Raise More Money For Golf Events

The majority of fundraising golf events offer the same format – a 4-player scramble. It is a popular format since it allows players of different skill levels to play as a group and compete. The scramble format provides a congenial atmosphere as players move along as a group during the day. The format provides for easy scoring after the event and no need for handicaps.

An organizer focusing on fundraising golf events should consider offering a golf event format that differs from a standard 4-player scramble so their event stands out from the other events in your area. One option is to add a Shootout to your fundraising golf event. With this format, the players closest to the pin on the par-3 holes qualify for a Shootout to be held immediately after your event. The Shootout can be for cash ($100,000 and $ 1 Million Shootouts are available as insured contests) or a prizes (gift certificate, travel vouchers and sports tickets are popular). You can hold the Shootout on a hole that finishes near the clubhouse so everyone can gather and watch. It creates excitement and players and sponsors will enjoy an interesting finish to the day.

Another golf format growing in popularity is a Par-3 format held on a traditional golf course. This format sets the course up as all par-3 holes by moving the tees up on the normal par-4 and par-5 holes so all holes are played as par 3s. The fundraising golf event organizers then add hole-in-one contests on all the holes. There are many advantages to this format. First of all, you can play with larger groups – for example, 5 and 6 person teams. Secondly, the speed of play is much quicker. You can complete the round in less than 4 hours, overcoming the objections golfers have to traditional 4-person scrambles that can take 5 to 6 hours. Finally, imagine marketing your event by promoting the fact that golfers have a chance to win a prize with a hole in one on every hole – 18 chances to win.

These past tournaments will help you plan your next fundraising golf event.

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