Golf Event Planning Mistakes

Avoid These Golf Event Planning Mistakes

Golf Event Planning Mistakes Checklist:
1. Starting Late – Allow 6-9 months to plan a successful event, especially if this is your first year.
2. Weak Committee – Committees are the core any golf event. Recruit committee members with a wide range of backgrounds, contacts in the community and a high energy level.
3. Going Cheap on the Golf Course – Golfers can pay to play a cheap golf course anytime. Select a golf course that will attract players, including private clubs in your area. Select one with an experienced staff to support your event.
4. Short-sighted planning – Develop a 3-year plan for your event with the objective of building momentum. Start with a reasonable first-year goal and increase your features each year.
5. Lack of a Dynamic Website – Golfers and sponsors expect a first-class event website with online registration, payment processing and sponsor recognition. Don’t waste money on printed materials like golf flyers and registration forms when your website can be the centerpiece of your marketing efforts.
6. Short on Sponsorships – Offer a wide range of sponsorships to fit the budget of all potential sponsors and list all the benefits they will receive before, during and after your event.
7. Missing on Social Media – Set up Facebook and Twitter accounts and link them to your event website. Add a YouTube channel with videos about your event, the organization the event supports and a tour of the golf course.
8. Where is the Marketing Calendar? – Lay out all planned activities to promote your event including e-mails. During committee meetings, be sure you have action steps planned every 7-10 days leading up to your event.
9. Boring Format – Consider new formats other than the standard 4-person scramble. Golfers are asked to play in golf events every week, so give them something new.
10. No Added Attractions – What do you have planned the day of your event in addition to golf? A putting contest, $1 million dollar shot, hole-in-one contests and more can give golfers a reason to play and gives you more sponsorship opportunities.
11. Ignoring Your Volunteers – Volunteera are important to a well-run event. Hold training sessions prior to your event, establish specific duties the day of the event and include your volunteers in your planned meals and awards ceremony.
By following the helpful advice, your tournament can avoid the most common golf event planning mistakes.

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