Golf Event Registration

Forget the Paperwork: Put Your Golf Event Registration Form or Flyer Online!

Are you still using printed golf event registration forms and flyers to promote your tournament? Do you ask players and sponsors to mail, fax or call to register? Now is the time to get online. Progressive event organizers are using a golf event website with online registration to attract more players and sponsors.

Online golf event registration forms allows you to promote your tournament, showcase your golf course, feature event-day activities and process credit cards. lets you set up your event website in less than 10 minutes – complete with online registration form.

Throw away the file folder with player lists on notepads. Online charity golf tournament registration not only helps process applications quickly but capture player data including name, address, phone and e-mail. You are creating a database for future events.

Another key reason for online golf event registration instead of print forms and flyers is that you attract younger golfers to your tournament. Anyone under 40 would expect to be able to register and pay online. Plus, you can easily promote your event on social media by posting links to your golf event website on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you goal is to raise more money, start by saving money. It is expensive and cumbersome to print and distribute golf flyers and registration forms. It can take weeks to finalize the layout, print and mail. When you set up a website, you can launch your golf event in minutes. You also have the advantage of being able to update the site in real time as you add contests and other activities to attract golfers. Printed golf flyers, registration forms and brochures do not offer that capability.

And online golf event registration website also allows you to post directions to your tournament, your event day agenda, feature sponsor logos and share reports quickly with your golf committee.

Get started today at the website.