Promoting A Golf Event Website

Key Elements of Promoting a Golf Event Website

A critical part of organizing a successful fundraising tournament is promoting a golf event website. Forget printing flyers, buying templates, or creating registration forms, and focus on great golf event software and technology.

It is important to have a golf event website designed for golf. Some organizers try to build websites using technology for shopping carts or to promote companies with no understanding of how a golf event is organized and managed.

When promoting a golf event website the following should be included:

1. Easy setup with the ability to make updates and modification in real time

2. A home page with your event details, player and sponsor packages, agenda, location with a link to Google maps and links to a page about your organization

3. Easy online registration for players and sponsors. This would include the ability to process payments online

4. The option for invoicing so sponsors who want to pay by check can receive an electronic invoice directly from the system with information on where to send the payment

5. The ability for anyone registering to purchase multiple items at the same time. For example, allow the golfer to register for golf and to purchase raffle tickets, mulligans and other items you offer at the same time

6. Revenue and expense tracking with ability to download reports

7. Capture all the player and sponsor contact information during registration (name, company, address, phone, e-mail) so you can add to your organizations database

8. Marketing tools including the ability to upload lists and send e-mails to potential players and sponsors is a must when promoting a golf event website

9. Adding sponsor logos to you home pages with links to the sponsor’s website

10. A player pairing tools that allow you to easily organize the group for the day of the event and to download the data so you have everything you need a registration.

11. Real time reporting showing all transactions and easy download to Excel

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