Raise More Money at Your Fundraising Golf Event

Sell Super Tickets to Raise More Money at Your Fundraising Golf Event

Add an exciting new component to your fundraising golf event, a Super Ticket. Golfers purchase them on their golf registration form to gain entry into a putting contest and a raffle to take a shot at $100,000 or $1 Million depending on the Super Ticket you offer. Bundle two mulligans as well. Most events sell the Super Tickets for $25-$50 to raise more money.

Carnival Cruise $100,000 Shot Raffle

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For example, if you offer the chance to putt for a golf vacation to Pebble Beach and a raffle entry to take a shot for a $1 Million, the Super Ticket package costs $895. If the putting winner makes the putt or the raffle winner make the $1 Million shot, we pay the prize. Sell this Super Ticket for $50. If 75 golfers purchase the Super Ticket, you raise $2,555 ($3,750 minus the package cost of $795). Plus, you can sell a sponsorship for the Super Ticket to raise even more money for your fundraising golf event . Also make sure to view our Ryder Cup super ticket package which, for a limited time, costs $895.

Pebble Beach Ticket Package

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You can offer variations on the Super Ticket. Offer our Carnival Cruise “Guaranteed Winner” Putting Contest and someone is “guaranteed” to win the 7-night, 8-day cruise. We send you the certificate prior to your event. This Super Ticket is $595 and includes a $1 Million Shot raffle prize as well.

Carnival Cruise Million Dollar Shot Raffle

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We can customize the Super Ticket to fit your budget, just e-mail [email protected] for a custom fundraising golf event quote.
One of our Golf Event Coaches will provide guidelines on how to run a successful putting contest and how to set up the $1 Million Shot for maximum drama at your golf event.

Ryder Cup Ticket Package

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The Super Ticket can be sold online using your PerfectGolfEvent.com event day website and sold at registration the day of your fundraising golf event.
Golfers will remember an event that offers exciting event-day activities, so add the Super Ticket to your fundraising golf event.

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