Golf’s Longest Day: Summer Solstice A Charitable Initiator For Perfect Golf Event’s Organizing Tool

The Summer Solstice occurs on Thursday, June 21, signaling that we can officially call this time of year Summer. The longest day of the year also encourages charitable golf events to develop all sorts of fundraisers to celebrate a sunup to sundown challenge to raise money for their causes, ranging from health afflictions to military to personal or business-related endeavors.

Duration is usually the calling card of the day, with an array of golfers trying to play as many holes as possible to satisfy the financial support of friends, family and business colleagues. But often, the details of the fundraisers are unsystematic and participants feel as if they are on a long slog. More detailed organization could enliven the festivities and unearth a larger reward with some advance planning that includes publicity, special awards and numerous ways to make a long day go by quickly since the participants are having a memorable experience.

That’s where Perfect Golf Event ( offers the perfect solution for organizing, managing and promoting your golf tournament.  As Summer is the high season for charitable golf events, PGE can provide experienced support as you’re right on the cusp of driving a larger dollar figure toward the cause.  What better way to start than to tee off at dawn and finish at dusk, a theme that could carry over through much of the daylight-full Summer months if the organizational process is just starting.

Charitable golf events are growing rapidly, according to the National Golf Foundation, of which Perfect Golf Event is an Executive Member and alongside a group of leading golf companies from all business segments.

The NGF’s 2018 Golf Industry Report provided statistics to show that charitable golf tournaments are an important vehicle for charitable giving. Local, regional and national events accounted for the great majority of the $3.9 billion in annual fundraising. That includes an average figure of $26,400 raised at more than 142,000 charitable events hosted by 84 percent of U.S. golf facilities.

“The National Golf Foundation’s recent report indicated that nearly every golf course in the United States has a charitable golf event of some magnitude,” said Paul Courter, COO of Perfect Golf Event.

Perfect Golf Event offers a simple, variable solution to the growing need for an organizational tool to plan non-profit and corporate golf events. This includes an instant, custom website to organize, manage and promote your event with online registration and credit card processing.

Golf tournament management is a lot easier from the free startup to paid, tiered escalators that offer more detailed organization. The all-consuming, organizational website,, provides economical, one-stop shopping to organizations searching for guidance in planning their event and raising more money for the cause. Perfect Golf Events conducts thousands of events annually.