How Hole in One Contests Help You Have a More Successful Golf Event

Hole-in-one contests can help you have a more successful golf event, adding prizes in addition to the regular contest. The hole-in-one contest is set up to be held during your golf event while the players are on the golf course.

The contest is set up on a par-3 hole among the usual four par 3s on a course and could expand to all of the par-3 holes. The distance is usually a minimum of 150 yards for men and women are allowed to play from 130 yards.

The prize for the hole-in-one contest can vary: cars, travel, cash, merchandise, etc. Anything you can put a value on and that can be insured for the contests is suitable. The more valuable and more exciting the prize the better it is for your event because players and sponsors are attracted to it. Each golfer in the event takes a shot on the par-3 hole during the event. If the participant makes the shot on the first attempt, they win the prize that has been designated on that hole.

The tournament organizer must pay and set up coverage in advance. As an example, the premium on a $10,000 contest would depend on the number of players. It could be $250-300 for a $10,000 hole-in-one contest. Another example: a Harley Davidson motorcycle or $15,000 and the person who made the hole in one captured the prize. It’s a very exciting moment for that particular golf event to have a big winner.hole in one contest The cost of the coverage is using covered by a sponsorship. With a $10,000 example, sell that as a sponsorship for $500 to $1,000 and what the sponsor receives is a special recognition during the event, including a full color sign on the contest hole.

Verification is important but simple when someone makes a hole in one. An independent witness, at least age 18, must be positioned on the hole, usually near the green to serve as the primary witness. Perfect Golf Event will also contact the other people that were playing with the golfer who made the hole in one and we will ask the golf course to verify that the distance was actually what was put in the coverage. Once that verification process is complete, the prize is paid.

Use your imagination for the types of hole-in-one contests you can have, and it really depends on your demographic. What do you think will appeal to the people in your group? Cash. Pebble Beach vacations. Kentucky bourbon tour. Disney vacation. Ski vacations. Trips to Hawaii. Make the prizes interesting to your particular golfers to distinguish it from other events being held in that area.

If you have any questions or would like to solicit ideas on hole-in-one contests, please contact Perfect Golf event by emailing us at [email protected]