How to Plan Your First Golf Event

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Planning a golf event is a challenge but can be rewarding if you follow the right steps. Here is a quick checklist of items to consider. You can learn more and build your custom event website on

1. Develop your goals. Why are you having the event and, a fundraiser, how much do you want to raise

2. Organize a committee. You can start with a smaller group and then add to the group as your planning continues.

3. With the committee, decide on the date. Allow 6-9 months to plan and execute an event. If this is your first event, you can use a shorter timeframe if needed but you will need to work a little harder.

4. Select a golf course. See for checklist on selecting the right golf course.

5. Once you have a golf course and a date for your event, set up your website. This is a critical step in launching your event.

6. Start promoting your event. See my blog on "Marketing a Golf Event" and "Selling Sponsorships" for more ideas.

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