Prime Features For Golf Events

We talked about this quite a bit on the blog from several different angles, but today let’s go over some of the actual pieces of how we support event planners. 

People want to organize important events for causes, charities, organizations, or companies. They need things to work well on the big day and before the event.

This is some of what we offer to make their jobs easier.

Online Registration and Easy Credit Card Processing

One of the biggest services we offer golf event planners is online registration and credit card transactions.

We all know that credit card handling is vital in retail and other types of commerce. The PCI system and its format are integral to running any business. Businesses have their merchant services and different models for making transactions work.

Here, an event planner can utilize our platform to get ready-to-go registration and credit card processing in one place.

The Domain

Event planners also get a ready-to-go URL, another aspect of putting one of these events together without a lot of hassle and headaches.

Fundamentally, you’ll need a piece of Internet real estate to park your website as you build up for the event. But nobody wants to shop for hosting and get a domain name on the open market. It’s a good bit of work. So our provisions are essential. 

Tracking Revenues and Expenses

Here’s where you put on your green visor, as they used to say in the traditional world of bookkeeping and go to work. Tracking revenues and expenses is a fundamental way to succeed with one of these events. Ledger services are a crucial part of the program; we have the tools to help.

Automatic Player Pairings

In many of these events, planners look at a tournament-style system and want to set up play schedules accordingly. But again, that can take some work and be pretty labor-intensive.

Check out our automatic player systems to make your event even easier to set up.

Sponsor Recognition Tools

We’ve also talked quite a bit about sponsorship. Sponsors are the bread and butter of these events, and planners must keep them on the dashboard regularly.

So sponsor recognition is one of those big jobs that event planners have to work through as they “wear many hats” leading up to the event.

With all of these things, we offer cutting-edge technology and services to support your golf event. Turn to the best support source for these projects, and get the tools you need – to succeed. We have your back when putting on the perfect golf event.