2020 Ryder Cup Chipping Contest



The trip includes:

  • Five (5) night(s) accommodation at a Four-star hotel or better
  • Check-in: 9/23/2020
  • Check-out: 9/27/2020
  • Daily breakfast at the hotel
  • Two Full-Week Passes to the Ryder Cup
  • Daily Transfer to/from Whistling Straits
  • $2,500 Airfare Credit

This contest includes a custom 18″ x 24″ sponsor sign and requires a minimum distance on the final chip of 50 feet.





About Chipping Contests

Here is an example of how to conduct a chipping contest:

  • Players sign up for the contest. Most events charge a participation fee to raise more money, for example, $10 per chip or 3 chips for $20.
  • Set the chip length at 50 feet or more.
  • Chippers qualify for the final round by being the closest to the hole.
  • The two to four golfers (you decide the number of finalists) closest to the pin from the qualifying round will participate in the finals.
  • For the finals, the finalists chip from 50 – 60 feet or more. The finalist closest to the hole or in the hole gets to take the final chip for the grand prize.
  • For the grand prize chip, the winning golfer from the qualifying gets to chip from 50 ft – if they make the chip, they win the prize.
How to Raise Money with Chipping Contests:
  • Chipping Contest entry fee = $10 per chip, or 3 chips for $20.
  • If you have 100 players, that would raise $1,000 – $2,000.
  • Sell a sponsorship for the chipping contest for $750.
  • Cost of the contest = $495
  • Net revenue = $1,255 to $2,255.

Invite your chipping contest sponsor to help you run the contest. This increases the value of the sponsorship because the sponsor interacts with the players.

Chipping Contest Terms and Conditions

Chipping Contest Terms and Conditions