Cruise Guaranteed Winner Long Drive Contest


$295.00 $225.00


Our new Cruise Guaranteed Winner Long Drive Contest includes a choice of four cruise lines, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruises, Carnival and Royal Caribbean. We will send you the certificate in advance to present to the winner.

This certificate entitles two (2) adults to a 5-day/4-night cruise in an inside stateroom with king, queen or two single beds based on double occupancy from one of 3 cruise ports including: Port Canaveral, Florida; Miami, Florida or Long Beach, California.*

Includes custom sponsor sign!






About Long Drive Contests

Long Drive Contests

  • The longest drive event will be the most recognizable contest to your golfers. Choose a hole that is long and fairly straight.
  • The person with the first long drive writes their name on a marker placed in the fairway (the golf course will provide one for your event). This continues until the last group completes your event.

How to Raise Money with a Long Drive Contest:

  • Sponsorship revenue can be from $500 to $1,000.
  • You provide the sponsor with a sign with the company name on the hole they sponsor plus recognition at your event.
  • Allow sponsor to be on the tee to meet each group and explain the rules.
  • You can also charge players for a re-hit if they think they can hit it further!
  • Assign someone to collect the marker after the last group hits their drive.

Cruise Terms and Conditions

Cruise Terms and Conditions

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