Golf Ball Bottle Stopper


Minimum Quantity is 3.


Our Golf Ball Bottle Stopper is sure to impress the recipient of this award or gift. Use it as a ‘thank you’ gift to a sponsor or as an award to the winning foursome in your golf event! This will bring back your players and sponsors the following year!

Golf Ball Bottle Stopper Details:

  • Optical crystal
  • Stainless steel/rubber seal
  • Hand cut and polished dimples
  • Limited etch area. Prices include logo + name and year of your event.
  • 4.5″L x 2″dia
  • See details Here

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Benefits of Awards and Plaques

  • Allows your Golf Tournament to recognize the winner of the tournament or a specific contest (i.e. long drive, closest to the pin, putting contest winner)
  • The winner receives an Award or Plaque with the tournament name/logo on it. This will make them remember the tournament for years to come! Encourages them to play in the coming years.
  • Helps your tournament take a step up from previous years. It adds a new component to your golf tournament that may have been missing before!
  • You can also use one of our Awards and Plaques as a “thank you” to your biggest contributing sponsor. This will encourage them to support your event next year!