Super Ticket – Masters Tickets and $1 Million Shot



Our Super Ticket – Masters Tickets and $1 Million Shot adds an exciting new component to your golf event. Golfers purchase them at registration to gain entry into a putting contest to win tickets to the Masters. They are also entered into a raffle to take a shot at $1 Million. Most event sell the Super Tickets for $25 – $50 to raise more money and will add two mulligans with it as well.

Sell Super Tickets to Raise More Money at Your Fundraising Golf Event

For example, if you offer the chance to putt for Masters ticket and a raffle entry to take a shot for a $1 Million. The Super Ticket package costs $895. If putting winner makes the putt or the raffle winner makes the $1 Million shot, we pay the prize. Sell this Super Ticket for $50. If 75 golfers purchase the Super Ticket, you raise $2,855 ($3,750 minus the package cost of $895). Plus, you can sell a sponsorship for the Super Ticket to raise even more money.

What is included with the┬áSuper Ticket – Masters Tickets and $1 Million Shot Package:

  • Masters Tickets Putting Contest – one player gets one attempt. If made, they will receive two tickets to the Masters for Two days (Thursday and Friday), $1,000 Airfare Credit, and $1,000 Hotel Credit.
  • One-player Attempt at $1 million
  • 2 Custom Signs
  • Design of Super Ticket (does not include printing)

One of our Golf Event Coaches will provide guidelines on how to run a successful putting contest and how to set up the $1 Million shot for maximum drama at your golf event.

The Super Ticket can be sold online using your event day website and sold at registration the day of your event.

Golfers will remember an event that offer exciting event day activities so add the Super Ticket to your fundraising golf event.

We can customize the Super Ticket to fit your budget, just e-mail for a custom quote.

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