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Guaranteed Winner Set of Tour Quality Wedges Putting Contest provides a set of 4 Tour Quality Wedges for the Winner

Four (4) Shot Control Tour Series Wedge – Stop hitting your wedge shots fat. Delta Tour Series Golf Wedges have a perfectly matching bounce angle to loft angles, which results in precise ball striking. Made of 8620 Carbon Steel, these wedges will get you up and down from all around the green. Tour Series wedge 52 GW/ 64 HL / 60 LW / 56 SW. 8620 Carbon Steel- Chrome plated for looks and durability. Maximum volume groves allowing maximum backspin and control.

We send you the wedges prior to your event for you to present to the winner. Includes a custom sign to promote the putting contest to players and attract a sponsor.

How to conduct your Guaranteed Winner Set of Tour Quality Wedges Putting Contest:

  • Players sign up for the contest. Most events charge a fee to play to raise more money. For example, $10 per putt.
  • You can let the player purchase more than one putt to raise more money – limit it to 3 per player.
  • Set the putt length at 50–100 feet.
  • Putters qualify for the final round by being the closest to the hole.
  • The six golfers closest to the pin from the qualifying round will participate in the finals.
  • For the finals, you have the finalists putt from a different angle towards the hole. Whoever is closest to the pin wins the prize. If multiple people make the putt, repeat this step with the players who made the putt.
  • The winner receives the wedges
How to Raise Money with Putting Contests:
  • Putting Contest entry fee = $10 per putt, or 3 putts for $20.
  • If you have 100 players, that would raise $1,000 – $2,000.
  • Sell a sponsorship for the putting contest for $500.
  • Cost of the contest = $195
  • Net profit = $1,305 to $2,305
  • You provide the sponsor with a sign displaying the company name and allow them to participate in the contest (help measure putts).

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