Golf Tournament Ideas

Ideas For A Successful Charitable Or Fundraising Golf Event The cornerstone of any charitable golf tournament planning or golf fundraising event is gathering as much money as possible for the worthy charitable cause. That was the reason the whole golf outing idea got started in the first place. Why is golf such a driver in this category? Sheer numbers. In May 2018, the National Golf Foundation, the most trusted and preeminent provider of market research, marketing databases, business insights and programs that support every segment of the golf industry, provided startling numbers via its Golf Industry Report. The annual assessment showed that charitable golf tournaments are an important vehicle for charitable giving. Local, regional and national events accounted for the great majority of the $3.9 billion in annual fundraising by golf fundraising charity outings. That includes an average figure of $26,400 raised at more than 142,000 charitable events hosted by 84 percent of U.S. golf facilities.   Organizers are like mini-CPAs trying to monitor the bottom line on creating a revenue-generating model for the golf fundraising event, ensuring its one-year success and even a greater return in years ahead. Revenue ideas derive from the maximum amount of players, sponsors from… Read more »


How To Run A Golf Tournament

Charitable and fundraising golf tournaments come in all shapes and sizes – from the elementary school or church fundraiser scaling up to a corporate or healthcare initiative that gains millions in support. It is important you learn how to run a golf tournament effectively from the very beginning. Whatever the volume of your events – a few friends or associates gathered from all over the world – planning a charitable golf tournament is much more than going to the local course, gathering a few prizes and gifts and wishing for a successful venture. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself: What are my main goals? An example goal may be to raise $10,000 or to develop better relationships with potential customers. Do I have enough support to accomplish my goals? Not only will you need players and sponsors for your event, but your golf tournament committee is very important to the success of the event. How will I get the word out about the event? This is where Perfect Golf Event can help! Charitable golf tournaments can no longer live solely on posters, paper scoreboards and word of mouth. In today’s instant gratification world of technology, charitable golf… Read more »


Golf Ball Drop

A Helicopter Golf Ball Drop is a great way to add excitement and raise more funds at your golf tournament! If you are considering adding a ball drop to your next event, it is important to consider some of the tips below. We have overseen numerous ball drops and these tips are what we have learned in the process. ⇒Source a helicopter company in your area who has done a ball drop before. Many helicopter companies have done ball drops in the past and they will be able to assist you in the process. Sourcing a helicopter is the first step in the process because one may not be available if you are in a rural area. (Additional tip: If one is not available in your immediate area, you may be able to locate a company in nearby major cities who would be able to make the flight to you.) ⇒Decide the prize (how much the winner of the ball drop will win). The easiest way to promote the event is to let the players know what the prize will be so that they are enticed to spend more money at your event. The prize can either be a fixed… Read more »

Golf Tournament Flyer

Golf Tournament Flyer

No need for complicated flyer templates. The Perfect Golf Event Marketing team will produce a print-ready golf tournament flyer (in PDF format) which can be used as a “Save the Date” flyer or golf outing flyer to promote your event! You can use our marketing tools to email the golf tournament invitation to your contacts. You must have a Perfect Golf Event Website to utilize our design team services. Reach out today for a quote on flyer design. While you are considering using printed golf event registration forms and flyers to promote your tournament, you may want to think about other options! Do you ask players and sponsors to mail, fax or call to register? Now is the time to get online. Progressive event organizers are using a golf event website with online registration to attract more players and sponsors. Online golf event registration forms allow you to promote your tournament, showcase your golf course, feature event-day activities and process credit cards. lets you set up your event website in less than 10 minutes – complete with an online registration form.


Planning A Charity Golf Tournament

Planning a charity golf tournament for your church, school, corporation or higher fundraising calling? Give us a call for FREE charity golf event registration and software opportunities unlike anywhere else. You can find our website offerings here. Planning a charity golf tournament requires a great deal of organization and research. A majority of charity golf tournament organizers are asked by their company or organization they support to help plan a charity golf event. Many non-profits ask someone on their staff to plan the golf event, and many times it is the first time they have planned an event or they don’t know much about what excites charity golf tournament participants. The golf event organizer must start to research and plan for their charity golf tournament as soon as possible to attract players and sponsors. Perfect Golf Event offers an easy method for planning a charity golf tournament by utilizing charity golf event website software. Quality planning for a charity golf tournament is crucial in order to run a successful golf event, as well as any future tournaments that may follow. A golf event organizer will have to become familiar with assembling a planning committee, choosing a golf course and managing… Read more »


How To Add Fun to Golf Fundraiser Outings With Unique Formats

Golf Fundraiser Unique Formats Golfers, fans and officials on the professional tours have recently shown a propensity to vary from the week-to-week, cookie cutter 72-hole format. The same medal play format is probably the best way to determine the top player that particular week but that configuration can often become monotonous during the long, hot summer. That’s why the European Tour has transitioned to formats such as Golf Sixes, a two-man team concept played out over six holes, and the Shot Clock Masters, where players are timed and points are deducted if they take too long. The PGA Tour has even included a Stableford format in Reno, Nevada, two-man teams in an official event in New Orleans and an annual match-play tournament in Austin, Texas. The LPGA has increased its team concept by adding The International Crown, which gathers four players from eight countries in a match-play format. Of course, the match play plays off the popular Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup formats that have developed fan affinity similar to a team sport event.


Charity Tournament Golf Course Selection

Many Factors Effect Your Golf Course Selection When Fundraising For A Golf Event Beyond Just Quality There’s more to securing the perfect golf course selection for your charity golf tournament than just the quality of the course, but it’s a big factor. Of course, any sane golfer would prefer to play Augusta National than Goat Hills, and that “it” factor is sure to be a priority in developing a successful event year after year. Golfers will remember their experience ultimately because of the time spent between the 1st tee and 18th green. It may be because the course is famous, well manicured, seldom available for the clientele you’re focused on or it lends itself to successful, fun competition. Or maybe it’s just who they’re playing with during those five hours on the course. The first order of business when organizing is to get at least three proposals from courses based on the event’s needs and budget. The ultimate goal is always to raise as much money as possible for the cause. Choose the golf course that fits your bill at least six months in advance when possible and begin the negotiation process. One thing to remember in today’s climate of… Read more »

Golf Tournament Management

Golf Event Management Perfect Golf Event offers a customized Golf Tournament Management package to help assist in every facet of running a golf event. Perfect Golf Event recognizes that our event organizers may require special request or have different expectations towards services we provide. Our personally tailored golf event outline covers all the logistics surrounding the tournament and task that must be completed. One of our national network of experienced Golf Event Coaches will support you throughout the entire process.The Golf Tournament Management package also grants you access to the registration database and player pairings. This will allow you to analyze the demographics of every player participating in the event which will draw interest of potential sponsors. Combined with our Perfect Golf Event website software, we can effectively streamline administration duties and all logistics concerning the event. Golf Tournament Management Just Got Easier & Cheaper If your goal is to raise more money, start by saving money! Player registration just got easier with Perfect Golf Event! Our software allows you to promote your tournament online, showcase your golf course, feature event-day activities, and process credit cards. Perfect Golf Event lets you set up your event website in less than 10… Read more »