Selling Sponsorships to Your Golf Event

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At Perfect Golf Event our goal is to help you have a successful event. Here are some techniques that work in selling sponsorships to a fundraising golf event:
1. Offer wide variety of sponsorships. Include a range of sponsorships at various costs to fit the budget of any sponsor that wants to support your event.
2. List all the recognition the sponsor will receive before, during and after your event. This can include their logo your website, introduction at the event, signage and a list of participants from the event for their follow-up.
3. Involve your committee in identifying potential sponsorships and contacting them to promote your event.
4. Promote sponsorship packages on your Perfect Golf Event golf tournament website so sponsor can register online.
5. Develop a press release you can use to announce new sponsorship. This is draw interest from potential sponsors.
6. For large sponsors, offer category exclusives. For example, if you Title Sponsor is a bank, don’t involve other banks as sponsors. Only do this for the major sponsorships.

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