Golf Ball Drop

Golf Ball Drop For Your Fundraiser

Add Excitement to Your Golf Event, Raise More Money!

A Helicopter Ball Drop is a great way to add excitement and raise more funds at your golf tournament! If you are considering adding a ball drop to your next event, it is important to consider some of the tips below. We have overseen numerous ball drops and these tips are what we have learned in the process.

Tips to Run a Successful Helicopter Ball Drop at your Golf Event

  1. Source a helicopter company in your area who has done a ball drop before. Many helicopter companies have done ball drops in the past and they will be able to assist you in the process. Sourcing a helicopter is the first step in the process because one may not be available if you are in a rural area. (Additional tip: If one is not available in your immediate area, you may be able to locate a company in nearby major cities who would be able to make the flight to you.)
  2. Decide the prize (how much the winner of the ball drop will win). The easiest way to promote the event is to let the players know what the prize will be so that they are enticed to spend more money at your event. The prize can either be a fixed amount ($1,000) or it can be a 50/50 split where half of the funds go to the winner and the other half goes to your event.
  3. Once you have the helicopter booked, start selling the golf balls as soon as possible. A ball drop could sway potential players and sponsors to be apart of your event. Be sure to make an announcement and include the details on your event website, flyers, etc.
  4. Track golf ball purchases as they are made. You will number each golf ball before the event and whosoever ball lands closest to the pin or the X will win the prize.
  5. Communicate with the golf course to ensure there is a good place for the helicopter to land and for the helicopter company to drop the golf balls. Adequate space is needed to perform these tasks and it is usually best to utilize the driving range.
  6. The sales process does not end until the balls go up into the air! You can continue to sell balls on the day of the event. Have a station at the registration table and out on the course to sell any last minute balls.
  7. Have fun and take a video of the final ball drop! Video can be important to your team because it can be used to promote the ball drop for next year.

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