Golf Ball Drop

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Golf Ball Drop For Your Fundraiser

Add Excitement to Your Golf Event, Raise More Money!

Standard Ball Drop Golf

Here is how it works:
• Depending on the size of the prize, sell golf balls for $25 - $100
• Each ball has a unique number and should be assigned to buyers as they are purchased
• Helicopter drops the golf balls on the course to a pin placement (in the fairway)
• Golf Ball closest to the pin (or in) wins the prize For example: (sell 150 golf balls for $50 each =$7,500)
• Helicopter Ball Drop Package $1,750
• Offer $1,000 prize to the winner
• Net to your organization = $5,750

Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

Event Day Contest Package

Add an exciting new component to your fundraising golf event with a helicopter golf ball drop! Our event day contest package includes an over sized display board which highlights golf balls that have already been purchased. Organizers will be able to write the players names under the assigned ball number for all to see. You will also receive a full color sign that will help promote the contest at registration which will create buzz. Matching entry forms will be provided to help keep everything organized. Included in this package is 200 golf balls with 10 "Premium" balls which will be different colors. Numbering instructions and markers are also apart of this deal. Golfers will remember an event that offers exciting event-day activities! We can customize this helicopter golf ball drop package around your event's budget, just e-mail for a quote.

Golf Ball Drop Display

48" x 24" Over Sized Board Shows Purchased Balls

Golf Ball Drop Cash

Color Contest Sign

Golf Ball Drop Helicopter

200 Balls,10 Premium

Golf Ball Drop Idea

Ball Drop Entry Forms

Sample Entry Forms


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