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How To Add Fun to Golf Fundraiser Outings With Unique Formats

Golf Fundraiser Unique Formats Golfers, fans and officials on the professional tours have recently shown a propensity to vary from the week-to-week, cookie cutter 72-hole format. The same medal play format is probably the best way to determine the top player that particular week but that configuration can often become monotonous during the long, hot […]


Planning A Charity Golf Tournament

Planning a charity golf tournament for your church, school, corporation or higher fundraising calling? Give us a call for FREE charity golf event registration and software opportunities unlike anywhere else. You can find our website offerings here. Planning a charity golf tournament requires a great deal of organization and research. A majority of charity golf […]


Charity Tournament Golf Course Selection

Many Factors Effect Your Golf Course Selection When Fundraising For A Golf Event Beyond Just Quality There’s more to securing the perfect golf course selection for your charity golf tournament than just the quality of the course, but it’s a big factor. Of course, any sane golfer would prefer to play Augusta National than Goat […]


Golf Tournament Committee

Golf Tournament Committee Best Practices Every successful event has a golf tournament committee. Your golf tournament committee should be made up of motivated individuals who have more than a casual interest in your cause. Seek out business people whom have contacts outside of your organization’s network, this will help to secure more sponsors. Every successful […]

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Raise Funds for Your Golf Tournament

3 Effective Ways to Raise Funds for Your Golf Tournament Are you feeling overwhelmed with the process of raising more money for your golf tournament event? A golf tournament is one of the most exciting and fun activities that is enjoyed by people of all age groups. Since lots of people enjoy golf, this is […]


Forming A Charitable Golf Tournament Committee

An Organized Committee Vs. One Organizer Is Essential For Planning A Charitable Golf Tournament Charity golf tournaments, much like any successful business or corporation, aren’t run by one individual. It’s a team effort, with the tournament chairman working with and delegating responsibilities to qualified and dedicated individuals.The golf tournament committee is essential to building a […]

Developing a Sponsorship Plan

Developing A Golf Sponsorship Plan Most charitable golf tournament organizers have little experience running a golf tournament. For many, when beset with the responsibility to run the event for a business, church or fundraising campaign, their eyes glaze over, they break into a sweat and they don’t know where to begin. However, most people who […]


Golf Tournament Registration

Golf Registration Tools With more than 300,000 non-profit and sponsored golf events held annually – and growing – throughout the United States, provides economical, highly efficient one-stop shopping to organizations searching for guidance on how to organize a charity golf event, particularly golf tournament registration tools via the easy to use software. Supported by […]


How To Run A Charity Golf Event

Tips for Running a Successful Charity Golf Event If you are looking for some assistance on how to run a charity golf event, Perfect Golf Event is the place to go. In its first year, 2015, Perfect Golf Event began a successful track record as a premier organizational resource on how to run a charity […]


Charity Golf Auctions And Raffles

Charity Golf Auctions and Raffles Create More Excitement Charity auctions and raffles is a great way to create additional revenue for your golf event.  They are fun and give the golfers something to do in-between golf and the dinner/awards ceremony.  You can invite people who did not golf to come join you for the silent auctions […]


Charity Event Signs And Banners

Provide Exposure to Sponsors and Supporters Golf tournament sponsors expect to receive exposure for the money they contribute to your golf event.  The best way to please them is through event signs and banners.  Signs and banners should have the companies name or logo and their sponsor level.  It is very important to provide the […]


Charity Golf Volunteers

In order to host a successful event you need to have charity golf volunteers you can count on. You need people you can trust to perform under pressure when you are not available. As the tournament organizer it will be your job to recruit charity golf volunteers. There are potential volunteers everywhere although your own […]


Promoting A Golf Event Website

Key Elements of Promoting a Golf Event Website A critical part of organizing a successful fundraising tournament is promoting a golf event website. Forget printing flyers, buying templates, or creating registration forms, and focus on great golf event software and technology. It is important to have a golf event website designed for golf. Some organizers […]


Choosing The Right Golf Course

Choosing the Right Golf Course for a Fundraising Golf Event Choosing the right golf course is one of the most important parts in creating a successful golf tournament. Golfers will remember your event in part by their experience on the golf course, make sure you choose the right course to keep participants coming back year […]


Fundraising Golf Events

Different Formats to Raise More Money For Golf Events The majority of fundraising golf events offer the same format – a 4-player scramble. It is a popular format since it allows players of different skill levels to play as a group and compete. The scramble format provides a congenial atmosphere as players move along as […]


Selling Golf Sponsorships and Golfers

Sponsor dollars are the life blood of your event.  The monies raised from selling golf sponsorships are your profit.  Selling individual golf slots will cover the expenses associated with your event but, filling your sponsorships will guarantee your tournament as a successful fundraiser.The key to selling golf sponsorships is to understand how to market your […]


Golf Event Planning Mistakes

Avoid These Golf Event Planning Mistakes Golf Event Planning Mistakes Checklist:1. Starting Late – Allow 6-9 months to plan a successful event, especially if this is your first year.2. Weak Committee – Committees are the core any golf event. Recruit committee members with a wide range of backgrounds, contacts in the community and a high […]


Post Charity Golf Event Wrap Up

Wrap it Up Congratulations!  You have made in through event day.  Now you must begin to wrap up this year’s charity golf event and begin looking to next year.  Use the wrap up as a way to sustain the momentum from your event and carry it right into next year’s tournament.Here are a few things […]


Golf Course Checklist for a Fundraising Golf Event

Selecting the right location for your fundraising or corporate golf event is important to a successful event. Use the ideas below to create your own golf course checklist. Here is what you should consider for your golf course checklist:DateLocationNumber of PlayersMaximum Number of GolfersCost Per PlayerWhat  food and beverages are included?Services OfferedAre you asked to […]


Raise More Money at Your Fundraising Golf Event

Sell Super Tickets to Raise More Money at Your Fundraising Golf Event Add an exciting new component to your fundraising golf event, a Super Ticket. Golfers purchase them on their golf registration form to gain entry into a putting contest and a raffle to take a shot at $100,000 or $1 Million depending on the Super […]


Charitable Golf Events Need A Website Well In Advance

Charitable golf tournaments can no longer live solely on posters, paper scoreboards and word of mouth. In today’s instant gratification world of technology, charitable golf tournament organizers need to begin with a website that offers information about anything and everything involving your event. This should be one of the first tasks for the organizing committee […]


Golf Event Registration

Forget the Paperwork: Put Your Golf Event Registration Form or Flyer Online! Are you still using printed golf event registration forms and flyers to promote your tournament? Do you ask players and sponsors to mail, fax or call to register? Now is the time to get online. Progressive event organizers are using a golf event […]


Charity Golf Players

If you’re going to have a successful golf tournament, you need to sell all of your available golf spots.  That means having 100 – 144 charity golf players on event day.  Like selling sponsorships, the key to filling all your spots is relationships.  An individual charity golf player could be responsible for filling as many […]


Golf Sponsor Gifts

Sponsor Gifts to be Remembered Golfers will remember the arrival gifts you give long after your tournament is over. Many participants will choose what events they play in based on the golf sponsor gifts they receive. The most important thing is to give golfers practical gifts that they will use and display. Giving golf sponsor […]


Charity Golf Awards Ceremony

As your event day comes to a close, the dinner and charity golf awards ceremony will be the last chance you have to make a lasting impression on your guests.  Furthermore, use it as another opportunity to stress the important role your golf event plays in supporting your organization and thank everyone involved in the […]


Golf Tournament Management For Charitable Events

Golf Tournament Management Expert Guidance Golf Tournament Management is an essential element for taking your charitable or corporate golf tournament from good to great. Instead of relying on a small group of volunteers – with one drawing the short straw or volunteering to take the lead role – let professionals who oversee golf tournaments on […]