How To Add Fun to Golf Fundraiser Outings With Unique Formats

Golf Fundraiser Unique Formats Golfers, fans and officials on the professional tours have recently shown a propensity to vary from the week-to-week, cookie cutter 72-hole format. The same medal play format is probably the best way to determine the top player that particular week but that configuration can often become monotonous during the long, hot summer. That’s why the European Tour has transitioned to formats such as Golf Sixes, a two-man team concept played out over six holes, and the Shot Clock Masters, where players are timed and points are deducted if they take too long. The PGA Tour has even included a Stableford format in Reno, Nevada, two-man teams in an official event in New Orleans and an annual match-play tournament in Austin, Texas. The LPGA has increased its team concept by adding The International Crown, which gathers four players from eight countries in a match-play format. Of course, the match play plays off the popular Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup formats that have developed fan affinity similar to a team sport event.


Planning A Charity Golf Tournament

Planning a charity golf tournament for your church, school, corporation or higher fundraising calling? Give us a call for FREE charity golf event registration and software opportunities unlike anywhere else. You can find our website offerings here. Planning a charity golf tournament requires a great deal of organization and research. A majority of charity golf tournament organizers are asked by their company or organization they support to help plan a charity golf event. Many non-profits ask someone on their staff to plan the golf event, and many times it is the first time they have planned an event or they don’t know much about what excites charity golf tournament participants. The golf event organizer must start to research and plan for their charity golf tournament as soon as possible to attract players and sponsors. Perfect Golf Event offers an easy method for planning a charity golf tournament by utilizing charity golf event website software. Quality planning for a charity golf tournament is crucial in order to run a successful golf event, as well as any future tournaments that may follow. A golf event organizer will have to become familiar with assembling a planning committee, choosing a golf course and managing… Read more »


Charity Tournament Golf Course Selection

Many Factors Effect Your Golf Course Selection When Fundraising For A Golf Event Beyond Just Quality There’s more to securing the perfect golf course selection for your charity golf tournament than just the quality of the course, but it’s a big factor. Of course, any sane golfer would prefer to play Augusta National than Goat Hills, and that “it” factor is sure to be a priority in developing a successful event year after year. Golfers will remember their experience ultimately because of the time spent between the 1st tee and 18th green. It may be because the course is famous, well manicured, seldom available for the clientele you’re focused on or it lends itself to successful, fun competition. Or maybe it’s just who they’re playing with during those five hours on the course. The first order of business when organizing is to get at least three proposals from courses based on the event’s needs and budget. The ultimate goal is always to raise as much money as possible for the cause. Choose the golf course that fits your bill at least six months in advance when possible and begin the negotiation process. One thing to remember in today’s climate of… Read more »


Golf Tournament Committee

Golf Tournament Committee Best Practices Every successful event has a golf tournament committee. Your golf tournament committee should be made up of motivated individuals who have more than a casual interest in your cause. Seek out business people whom have contacts outside of your organization’s network, this will help to secure more sponsors. Every successful event has a golf tournament committee. Your golf charity committee should be made up of motivated individuals who have more than a casual interest in your cause. Seek out business people whom have contacts outside of your organization’s network, this will help to secure more sponsors.  Read this helpful article about why Golfers Will Remember Their Arrival Gifts. Below are several tips for running a successful golf tournament committee: Be selective.  Don’t accept every applicant for the golf charity committee.  Choose your committee members based on their network of contacts and past experience with charitable organizations. Before accepting an application, tell prospective members what will be expected of them.  (e.g. 4 hours per month and regular, mandatory, committee meetings)  You might lose a good candidate, but you will know that they would not have devoted enough time to the golf tournament committee. Prepare an agenda and distribute… Read more »

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Raise Funds for Your Golf Tournament

3 Effective Ways to Raise Funds for Your Golf Tournament Are you feeling overwhelmed with the process of raising more money for your golf tournament event? A golf tournament is one of the most exciting and fun activities that is enjoyed by people of all age groups. Since lots of people enjoy golf, this is a great sport that you can use to raise money for your important cause. However, you may have tough challenges reaching your financial goals. How can you make your event more successful? Let’s take a look at the top three golf fundraising ideas that you can utilize for your campaign. Custom Apparel Creating customized apparel is a popular idea that you should consider for your event. Some common items that you can customize may include golf hats, shirts, and visors. To promote your mission, you can also add logos to various types of golf-themed items. These may consist of golf balls, towels, and ball markers. Make a list of items that you can customize to sell on your golf tournament website. Use this idea to make your merchandise accessible to golfers to use on the course. Drink Tickets How about getting cell phone donations from… Read more »


Forming A Charitable Golf Tournament Committee

An Organized Committee Vs. One Organizer Is Essential For Planning A Charitable Golf Tournament Charity golf tournaments, much like any successful business or corporation, aren’t run by one individual. It’s a team effort, with the tournament chairman working with and delegating responsibilities to qualified and dedicated individuals. The golf tournament committee is essential to building a tournament that exceeds expectations on an annual basis. This group should have more than a casual interest in your cause. Seek out business people with contacts outside of your organization’s network, thereby opening avenues to secure more sponsors. As the fall season is upon us, now is a good time to organize a committee – far in advance of the event. This can be done by weighing the responsibilities and choosing among business associates, church or those from social connections. Begin discussions around football games and youth sports attendance. It’s best to get a start now.

Developing a Sponsorship Plan

Developing A Golf Sponsorship Plan Most charitable golf tournament organizers have little experience running a golf tournament. For many, when beset with the responsibility to run the event for a business, church or fundraising campaign, their eyes glaze over, they break into a sweat and they don’t know where to begin. However, most people who are tasked with organizing the event often have a business acumen on how to drive money in the right direction. Building a solid sponsorship plan is essential to creating a successful event in Year 1 and beyond. Sponsor dollars are the lifeblood of your event, with the money raised from selling golf sponsorships enabling the event to make a profit. Selling individual golf slots will cover the expenses associated with your event, but filling your sponsorships will guarantee success, all the way from Corporation X as the title sponsor to a lesser contribution such as Joe’s Concrete sponsoring a par-3 hole. Constant communication internally and externally with potential sponsors, such as presenting sponsorship packages or communicating via email and letters, is a consistent way to work through the campaign. The key to selling golf sponsorships is to understand how to market your golf event to… Read more »


Golf Tournament Registration

Golf Registration Tools With more than 300,000 non-profit and sponsored golf events held annually – and growing – throughout the United States, provides economical, highly efficient one-stop shopping to organizations searching for guidance on how to organize a charity golf event, particularly golf tournament registration tools via the easy to use software. Supported by a national network of experienced Golf Event Coaches, Perfect Golf Event assists non-profits, corporations and other entities looking to organize, manage and market a fundraising golf event. This makes the often painful development of a golf registration tool so much simpler. In its first year, 2015, Perfect Golf Event began a successful track record as a premier organizational resource on how to develop golf tournament registration for a charity golf event, whether it be fundraising, corporate or sponsored golf tournaments. Two successful events in late summer 2015 displayed the ability to deliver a unique golf registration experience that invigorates the event, creates maximum participation and, ultimately, generates the most funds for the organization. This process includes how to organize the event with tournament software that makes the event smoothly. The May 22, 2015 $1 Million Luxury Shootout for Loyola Academy in St. Louis awarded a… Read more »


How To Run A Charity Golf Event

Tips for Running a Successful Charity Golf Event If you are looking for some assistance on how to run a charity golf event, Perfect Golf Event is the place to go. In its first year, 2015, Perfect Golf Event began a successful track record as a premier organizational resource on how to run a charity golf event, whether it be fundraising, corporate or sponsored golf tournaments. Two successful events in late summer 2015 displayed the ability to deliver a unique charity golf event format that invigorates the event, creates maximum participation and, ultimately, generates the most funds for the organization. This process includes how to organize a charity golf tournament all the way to providing charity golf event software that makes the event smoothly. $1 Million Luxury Shootout for Loyola Academy in St. Louis awarded a new BMW to the winner and the CFA Ben Mintz Golf Outing fundraiser for Cornell University’s Football Association in Ithaca, N.Y., awarded two $10,000 Hole in One Contest prizes and an additional $10,000 in the final shootout. Both events used a converted 18-hole par-3 course for the competition at the charity golf event. “Perfect Golf Event enables organizations to differentiate themselves in raising the… Read more »


Charity Golf Auctions And Raffles

Charity Golf Auctions and Raffles Create More Excitement Charity auctions and raffles is a great way to create additional revenue for your golf event.  They are fun and give the golfers something to do in-between golf and the dinner/awards ceremony.  You can invite people who did not golf to come join you for the silent auctions and raffles to create more excitement.  There are two options if your event is going to have an auction, a silent auction or live auction.  An auction is a great way to create additional revenue for your event.  They are fun and give the golfers something to do in-between golf and the dinner/awards ceremony.  You can invite people who did not golf to come join you for the silent auction to create more excitement.  There are two options if your event is going to have an auction, a silent auction or live auction. The silent auction is the most popular choice for golf events and the easiest to run.  Display all your auctions and raffles items on 8’ tables with a bid sheet in front of each item.  On the bid sheet you will list the name of the item and the starting minimum bid.  Below that… Read more »


Charity Event Signs And Banners

Provide Exposure to Sponsors and Supporters Golf tournament sponsors expect to receive exposure for the money they contribute to your golf event.  The best way to please them is through event signs and banners.  Signs and banners should have the companies name or logo and their sponsor level.  It is very important to provide the best possible signage options that fit within your budget.  All signs should be a minimum of 18”x 24”, banners a minimum of 2’x 6’ and both printed in full color digital quality.  Sponsors that have contributed more money to the event should receive larger and more prominent signage.  For instance, your presenting sponsor would receive a 3’x 6’ custom banner, while your title sponsors would receive one (1) or two (2) 24”x 30” signs and your hole sponsors would receive one (1) 18”x 24” sign. Location is also very important when considering sponsor signs and banners.  The presenting sponsor’s banner should be hung close to registration the morning of the event and then brought to the area where dinner and awards will be help after golf.  In terms of other sponsor signage, most events will place a sponsor’s sign on the hole that they will… Read more »


Charity Golf Volunteers

In order to host a successful event you need to have charity golf volunteers you can count on. You need people you can trust to perform under pressure when you are not available. As the tournament organizer it will be your job to recruit charity golf volunteers. There are potential volunteers everywhere although your own organization is still the best place to recruit volunteers. It seems the great majority of volunteers recruited are directly linked to the volunteers already working within your organization: friends, neighbors, relatives, colleagues. When you have found your charity golf volunteers you must focus on keeping them. Having a core group of volunteers every year will ensure a successful outing for many years to come. Here are a few ways to keep your volunteers loyal to the golf tournament: Once volunteers are recruited develop opportunities for them to get involved right away. They could brainstorm gift ideas, make follow up phone calls, help prepare mailings, etc. Have clear goals and expectations for each volunteer. Hold them accountable to meet all objectives. Make sure volunteers understand the importance of the job they are doing and how their success will impact the entire event. If your budget allows,… Read more »


Promoting A Golf Event Website

Key Elements of Promoting a Golf Event Website A critical part of organizing a successful fundraising tournament is promoting a golf event website. Forget printing flyers, buying templates, or creating registration forms, and focus on great golf event software and technology. It is important to have a golf event website designed for golf. Some organizers try to build websites using technology for shopping carts or to promote companies with no understanding of how a golf event is organized and managed. When promoting a golf event website the following should be included: 1. Easy setup with the ability to make updates and modification in real time 2. A home page with your event details, player and sponsor packages, agenda, location with a link to Google maps and links to a page about your organization 3. Easy online registration for players and sponsors. This would include the ability to process payments online 4. The option for invoicing so sponsors who want to pay by check can receive an electronic invoice directly from the system with information on where to send the payment 5. The ability for anyone registering to purchase multiple items at the same time. For example, allow the golfer to… Read more »


Choosing The Right Golf Course

Choosing the Right Golf Course for a Fundraising Golf Event Choosing the right golf course is one of the most important parts in creating a successful golf tournament. Golfers will remember your event in part by their experience on the golf course, make sure you choose the right course to keep participants coming back year after year. Get at least three proposals based on your parameters and pick the course that best fits your event needs. Begin choosing the right golf course early and negotiate your deal at least six months in advance when feasible. Both private and public courses want events so consider both. Things to consider when looking for a golf course include: 1. How far will golfers have to travel to attend the event? 2. Does the golf course offer adequate space for a parking, registration and your awards reception or dinner? 3. Can your golf course provide referrals from other events that have had a good experience? 4. What is the overall cost and does it allow you to charge enough for your event to raise money? Once you’ve finished choosing the right golf course, decide when to hold your event. The time of year and day… Read more »


Fundraising Golf Events

Different Formats to Raise More Money For Golf Events The majority of fundraising golf events offer the same format – a 4-player scramble. It is a popular format since it allows players of different skill levels to play as a group and compete. The scramble format provides a congenial atmosphere as players move along as a group during the day. The format provides for easy scoring after the event and no need for handicaps. An organizer focusing on fundraising golf events should consider offering a golf event format that differs from a standard 4-player scramble so their event stands out from the other events in your area. One option is to add a Shootout to your fundraising golf event. With this format, the players closest to the pin on the par-3 holes qualify for a Shootout to be held immediately after your event. The Shootout can be for cash ($100,000 and $ 1 Million Shootouts are available as insured contests) or a prizes (gift certificate, travel vouchers and sports tickets are popular). You can hold the Shootout on a hole that finishes near the clubhouse so everyone can gather and watch. It creates excitement and players and sponsors will enjoy… Read more »


Selling Golf Sponsorships and Golfers

Sponsor dollars are the life blood of your event.  The monies raised from selling golf sponsorships are your profit.  Selling individual golf slots will cover the expenses associated with your event but, filling your sponsorships will guarantee your tournament as a successful fundraiser. The key to selling golf sponsorships is to understand how to market your golf event to prospective sponsors.  As a tournament organizer you must understand why companies would contribute to your event and what they get in return. Why companies would support your event: To get more business To gain more exposure To give back to the local community To entertain clients To meet prospective clients They have a relationship with the tournament organizer(s) – This is the #1 reason How to sell golf sponsorships: Selling golf sponsorships means more profit for your event.  Create several sponsorship options for companies to buy and provide the marketing value for each sponsorship option.  Following are several bullet points to guide you through the process of selling sponsorships. Planning a golf tournament? Contact our golf event coaches for FREE! Recruit a sponsor committee – Companies are more inclined to sponsor your event when asked by someone they have a previous… Read more »


Golf Event Planning Mistakes

Avoid These Golf Event Planning Mistakes Golf Event Planning Mistakes Checklist: 1. Starting Late – Allow 6-9 months to plan a successful event, especially if this is your first year. 2. Weak Committee – Committees are the core any golf event. Recruit committee members with a wide range of backgrounds, contacts in the community and a high energy level. 3. Going Cheap on the Golf Course – Golfers can pay to play a cheap golf course anytime. Select a golf course that will attract players, including private clubs in your area. Select one with an experienced staff to support your event. 4. Short-sighted planning – Develop a 3-year plan for your event with the objective of building momentum. Start with a reasonable first-year goal and increase your features each year. 5. Lack of a Dynamic Website – Golfers and sponsors expect a first-class event website with online registration, payment processing and sponsor recognition. Don’t waste money on printed materials like golf flyers and registration forms when your website can be the centerpiece of your marketing efforts. 6. Short on Sponsorships – Offer a wide range of sponsorships to fit the budget of all potential sponsors and list all the benefits… Read more »


Post Charity Golf Event Wrap Up

Wrap it Up Congratulations!  You have made in through event day.  Now you must begin to wrap up this year’s charity golf event and begin looking to next year.  Use the wrap up as a way to sustain the momentum from your event and carry it right into next year’s tournament. Here are a few things that need to be done after your event: Clean Up – Do not leave the golf course a mess.  Do a walk through after your event and make sure everything has been picked up. Committee Evaluation Meeting – Within 2 weeks of your event you should schedule a follow up committee meeting to discuss areas of your charity golf event that went well and areas that will need improvement.  You should also review your budget, profit numbers, and discuss how to retain your sponsors for next year. Pay the Bills – Make sure to pay all of your bills on time.  The golf course and your vendors will appreciate it, and be ready to get to work when you come calling next year. Pick Up Sponsor Signage – Most sponsor signage can be used for several years.  Make sure you tell the golf course… Read more »


Golf Course Checklist for a Fundraising Golf Event

Selecting the right location for your fundraising or corporate golf event is important to a successful event. Use the ideas below to create your own golf course checklist. Here is what you should consider for your golf course checklist: Date Location Number of Players Maximum Number of Golfers Cost Per Player What  food and beverages are included? Services Offered Are you asked to provide volunteers? Tax and Gratuity Deposit and Payment Schedule Event Cancellation Policy/Rain Check Things the golf course should provide: Greens Fees Carts Golfer Names on Carts Range Balls Rules Sheet Scoreboard with Scoring Assistance PGA Professional to Host the Start of the Tournament Private Area for Dinner/Awards Ceremony Food and Beverage (Extra Charge) Gift Certificate or Free Foursome for Prize Giveaway Proximity Markers for On-Course Contests (i.e. Longest Drive, Closest to Hole) Displaying Sponsorship Signage on the Golf Course and in the Clubhouse Beverage carts or stations on the golf course Here is pre-visit golf course checklist of items you should review for a final cost: Golf with Cart Breakfast Breakfast Buffet Lunch Lunch Buffet Dinner Dinner Buffet Awards Reception Open Bar Cash Bar Box Lunch on carts Free Beverages on Course Paid Beverages on Course Range… Read more »


Raise More Money at Your Fundraising Golf Event

Sell Super Tickets to Raise More Money at Your Fundraising Golf Event Add an exciting new component to your fundraising golf event, a Super Ticket. Golfers purchase them on their golf registration form to gain entry into a putting contest and a raffle to take a shot at $100,000 or $1 Million depending on the Super Ticket you offer. Bundle two mulligans as well. Most events sell the Super Tickets for $25-$50 to raise more money. Carnival Cruise $100,000 Shot Raffle View Package! For example, if you offer the chance to putt for a golf vacation to Pebble Beach and a raffle entry to take a shot for a $1 Million, the Super Ticket package costs $895. If the putting winner makes the putt or the raffle winner make the $1 Million shot, we pay the prize. Sell this Super Ticket for $50. If 75 golfers purchase the Super Ticket, you raise $2,555 ($3,750 minus the package cost of $795). Plus, you can sell a sponsorship for the Super Ticket to raise even more money for your fundraising golf event . Also make sure to view our Ryder Cup super ticket package which, for a limited time, costs $895. Pebble Beach… Read more »


Charitable Golf Events Need A Website Well In Advance

Charitable golf tournaments can no longer live solely on posters, paper scoreboards and word of mouth. In today’s instant gratification world of technology, charitable golf tournament organizers need to begin with a website that offers information about anything and everything involving your event. This should be one of the first tasks for the organizing committee to complete: • If an event is scheduled for the following year, go ahead and get the website prepared months ahead of time by year’s end. • This allows for a “Save the Date” mechanism in potential participants’ calendars, invokes the holiday spirit of giving for buddy golf the following year and could create an early buzz, particularly if there are “Early Bird” discounts on registering. • Since many companies prepare their next-year budget in the fourth quarter, having the website complete far in advance allows for inclusion of sponsorship funds in the planning stages and could be an enticement to settle the company logo and sponsorship on the website for months instead of weeks. That also avoids the patented, hated answer, “It’s not in our budget.”


Golf Event Registration

Forget the Paperwork: Put Your Golf Event Registration Form or Flyer Online! Are you still using printed golf event registration forms and flyers to promote your tournament? Do you ask players and sponsors to mail, fax or call to register? Now is the time to get online. Progressive event organizers are using a golf event website with online registration to attract more players and sponsors. Online golf event registration forms allows you to promote your tournament, showcase your golf course, feature event-day activities and process credit cards. lets you set up your event website in less than 10 minutes – complete with online registration form. Throw away the file folder with player lists on notepads. Online charity golf tournament registration not only helps process applications quickly but capture player data including name, address, phone and e-mail. You are creating a database for future events. Another key reason for online golf event registration instead of print forms and flyers is that you attract younger golfers to your tournament. Anyone under 40 would expect to be able to register and pay online. Plus, you can easily promote your event on social media by posting links to your golf event website on… Read more »


Charity Golf Players

If you’re going to have a successful golf tournament, you need to sell all of your available golf spots.  That means having 100 – 144 charity golf players on event day.  Like selling sponsorships, the key to filling all your spots is relationships.  An individual charity golf player could be responsible for filling as many as 2-3 foursomes. There can be hundreds of golf tournaments taking place in your area each year. To attract players your event has to be unique and you will have to focus on some marketing. By taking these additional steps you can make your charity golf event stand out from the rest. Here’s why charity golf players participate in events and how to get them to choose yours: Why? Philanthropy – Charity golf players support the work of the organization hosting the golf event. Opportunity – They have a chance to play a golf course they normally would not play. Networking – They want to meet new potential clients. Publicity – They want to gain publicity for themselves or for their company. Friends – Charity golf players have a friend who asked them to play. Clients – They have a client who asked to play. Fun –… Read more »


Golf Sponsor Gifts

Sponsor Gifts to be Remembered Golfers will remember the arrival gifts you give long after your tournament is over. Many participants will choose what events they play in based on the golf sponsor gifts they receive. The most important thing is to give golfers practical gifts that they will use and display. Giving golf sponsor gifts helps to promote your event to other individuals outside of the event and serves as an additional reminder. Sponsors will pay for arrival gifts with their logo on them in order to get more exposure, and those savings add to your profits. View our Top 12 Golf Tournament Player Gifts! Securing sponsors for a charity golf tournament is always a challenge. Sponsors bring a great amount of much need revenue to any event. Make sure to show them appreciation as well so they return the following year. You can express a little gratitude by offering a small keepsake to show appreciate of their support. Players enjoy the gifts they receive from the sponsors, and the sponsors of course enjoy the exposure. Sponsors will be proud to display their gifts in recognition of their support at the office. Review your budget and choose the appropriate… Read more »


Charity Golf Awards Ceremony

As your event day comes to a close, the dinner and charity golf awards ceremony will be the last chance you have to make a lasting impression on your guests.  Furthermore, use it as another opportunity to stress the important role your golf event plays in supporting your organization and thank everyone involved in the event.  In order to make a positive last impression you will need to keep the attention of your guests and make the charity golf awards ceremony fun for everyone. Here are several tips to get them looking forward to next year’s event: Have a master of ceremonies – Choose a master of ceremonies that is recognizable to everyone, perhaps a celebrity or CEO of a local company.  Most of all, get someone who can keep the ceremony upbeat and move things along.   Here are some good tips for choosing a master of ceremonies, including some do’s and don’ts. Give your sponsors an opportunity to speak – Use the awards ceremony as an opportunity to give your top sponsors more exposure.  Have them say a few words about their involvement with your organization.  This will add more value to the sponsorship and solidify their involvement in… Read more »


Golf Tournament Management For Charitable Events

Golf Tournament Management Expert Guidance Golf Tournament Management is an essential element for taking your charitable or corporate golf tournament from good to great. Instead of relying on a small group of volunteers – with one drawing the short straw or volunteering to take the lead role – let professionals who oversee golf tournaments on a regular basis do the on-site work and confer with the host committee. Event organizers may require special requests or have different expectations toward services that are provided by a third-party group that regularly plans these types of events. Many offer a customized Golf Tournament Management package to help assist in every facet of running a golf event, from registration, tee times, sponsorship organization, course features and format to innovative side contests. This personally tailored golf event outline covers all the logistics surrounding the tournament and tasks that must be completed. Often, the organization that sets up the event for you will provide a contact person in advance and during the tournament – many times visiting on site if it requires that level of engagement. The company’s representative will work with the local group from afar well in advance of the event and then schedule… Read more »