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Golf Tournament Player Gifts

Golf tournament player gifts can maximize the exposure of your golf event. Shop for the most unique player gifts in the industry to help attract players year-over-year!


Player gifts are a nice way to thank your players for spending their time and money on your event. We have numerous different gifts to fit within any budget. All players look forward to receiving a gift at registration so provide them with a token of your appreciation that will remind them to come back next year!


Golfers will remember the customized golf player gifts you give long after your tournament is over. Many participants will choose what events they play in based on the golf sponsor gifts they receive. The most important thing is to give golfers practical gifts that they will use and display. Giving golf sponsor gifts helps to promote your event to other individuals outside of the event and serves as an additional reminder. Sponsors will pay for arrival gifts with their logo on them in order to get more exposure, and those savings add to your profits.

Securing sponsors for a charity golf tournament is always a challenge. Sponsors bring a great amount of much needed revenue to any event. Make sure to show them appreciation as well so they return the following year. You can express a little gratitude by offering a small keepsake to show appreciation of their support. Players enjoy the gifts they receive from the sponsors, and the sponsors of course enjoy the exposure. Sponsors will be proud to display their gifts in recognition of their support at the office.

Review your budget and choose the appropriate golf tournament player gifts. The player gifts should have your event information and include a sponsor logo if they pay for the sponsorship. On the day of your event, you will be able to welcome all of the golfers by presenting them with their goodie bag. Make sure to allow your sponsors to insert offers into your golf tournament goodie bags. This gives them an additional incentive to sponsor your event and come back next year!


With more than 300,000 non-profit and sponsored golf events held annually – and growing – throughout the United States, there is a growing need for golf tournament ideas and for guidance on how to run a golf tournament. Luckily, whether this is your first time planning a charity golf tournament or if it is held annually, the hard work of organizing will carry on through succeeding years. It is important to prioritize your golf tournament player gifts because it will be something that reminds the golfers of your event afterwards.

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Promoting a Golf Event Website
A critical part of organizing a successful fundraising tournament is promoting a golf event website. Forget printing flyers and focus on great golf event software and technology.
Consider Unique Formats For Your Charity Golf Event
Charity golf events with a Captain’s Choice format over a standard 18 holes are a dime a dozen. What’s the solution to a dwindling head count and repetitive event structure?
Webinars for Golf Event Organizers
FREE Webinars for charity golf fundraising event organizers. Learn how to run a golf tournament, attract sponsors/players and create a memorable golf tournament.

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