Forget the 4-Golfer Scramble: Golf Event Formats to Raise More Money


Listen to a recent webinar recorded by Paul Courter, COO of Perfect Golf Event. Paul discusses how common formats in golf events have gone stale and some unique ideas that you can introduce at your next golf event. Portions of the webinar are outlined below. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us!

Why the 4-Person Scramble No Longer Works

  1. Boring
  2. Takes too long
  3. Questionable scoring and winners
  4. Lack of networking ability, golfers are spread out chasing their shots
  5. Better golfers dominate the group
  6. Every golf event does it - 99.5% of fundraising golf events are 4-person scrambles
  7. Less opportunity for revenue from sponsors

Evaluate Your Event Flow

Pre-event marketing: What do you have in place to attract players and sponsors?

Prior to tee off: What is happening to keep players engaged and entertained?

During the round: What is happening that golfers will remember and sponsors will support?

After golf is done: Are golfers, sponsors, and volunteers just standing around?

Why a New Format Will Help Raise More Money

Energize Your Event

Generate Higher Sponsor Revenue

Attract Golfers

Provide Better Event Experience

Generate Interest for Next Year

Sample Events Using a New Format: How does your event compare?

Backstoppers Shootout

View Flyer!

Island School Shootout

View Flyer!

Sight Into Sound Shootout

View Flyer!

Contact Us Today for a Custom Quote on Your Format. We can work within your budget to maximize the excitement at your next golf event!

Our experienced Golf Event Coaches have assembled a 28-page Contest Brochure and Golf Event Idea Generator that can be downloaded below. It includes:

  1. Information regarding the top contests in ourĀ Tournament Shop
  2. Ideas to create more excitement and sell more foursomes