Charity Golf Players

If you’re going to have a successful golf tournament, you need to sell all of your available golf spots.  That means having 100 – 144 charity golf players on event day.  Like selling sponsorships, the key to filling all your spots is relationships.  An individual charity golf player could be responsible for filling as many as 2-3 foursomes. There can be hundreds of golf tournaments taking place in your area each year. To attract players your event has to be unique and you will have to focus on some marketing. By taking these additional steps you can make your charity golf event stand out from the rest.

Here’s why charity golf players participate in events and how to get them to choose yours:

  1. Philanthropy – Charity golf players support the work of the organization hosting the golf event.
  2. Opportunity – They have a chance to play a golf course they normally would not play.
  3. Networking – They want to meet new potential clients.
  4. Publicity – They want to gain publicity for themselves or for their company.
  5. Friends – Charity golf players have a friend who asked them to play.
  6. Clients – They have a client who asked to play.
  7. Fun – They play golf to relax and enjoy the outdoors.


  1. Personal Relationships – One golfer can be responsible for filling up an entire foursome.  Encourage your contacts to ask their friends to play in your golf event.
  2. Business Relationships – Involve your vendors and ask them to participate and solicit potential charity golf players.
  3. Mailings – Develop a mailing list and follow up on it continuously.o Advertisements – Reach out to the general public through TV, Radio & Print Media.o Print & Creative – Brochures, especially emailable brochures.

Previous Supporters – The best way to keep filling up your field is to make sure last year’s players keep coming back. Keeping track of your players and make sure to avoid these golf event planning mistakes!

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