Charity Tournament Golf Course Selection

Many Factors Effect Your Golf Course Selection When Fundraising For A Golf Event Beyond Just Quality

There’s more to securing the perfect golf course selection for your charity golf tournament than just the quality of the course, but it’s a big factor. Of course, any sane golfer would prefer to play Augusta National than Goat Hills, and that “it” factor is sure to be a priority in developing a successful event year after year.

Golfers will remember their experience ultimately because of the time spent between the 1st tee and 18th green. It may be because the course is famous, well manicured, seldom available for the clientele you’re focused on or it lends itself to successful, fun competition. Or maybe it’s just who they’re playing with during those five hours on the course.

  • The first order of business when organizing is to get at least three proposals from courses based on the event’s needs and budget.
  • The ultimate goal is always to raise as much money as possible for the cause. Choose the golf course that fits your bill at least six months in advance when possible and begin the negotiation process.
  • One thing to remember in today’s climate of uncertainty for golf courses is that public and private courses are both anxious to attract players in one fell swoop. Filling the tee sheet is a big challenge.

Here are some boxes to check when considering a host site:

  1. How far will golfers have to travel to attend the event? Make it convenient and not a hassle. Many of your competitors want to relax – they commute to and from work during the week.
  2. Visit the golf course selection you choose when finalizing the decision. The last thing you want is surprises. Is the staff cordial when you’re just Joe Schmoe on a visit or are you getting the forced smile when you’re a paying customer? Also, the visit allows you to make the eye test for facilities, course condition and playability.
  3. Does the golf course offer adequate space for parking, registration and the awards reception/dinner? Courses are anxious to show off their amenities; no telling when a participant or two decides to visit there again following your tournament. Your event can attract new members!
  4. Can your selected golf course provide referrals from other events that have had a good experience? Find out the depth of their experience hosting events such as yours. Talk with other event organizers who have been there as a sort of “TripAdvisor” testimonial for similar charitable events.
  5. What is the overall cost and does it allow you to charge enough for your event to raise money? This is the bottom line, allowing the event to draw a real profit. You may have to steer away from top 100, private courses to something lesser in price depending on the circumstances.

Once you’ve finished selecting the right golf course, decide when to hold your event. The day of the week and the time of the year will dictate the price. Course rates are highest during the months that offer the best weather. The best value is found during the “shoulder season.’ This is the time between the peak season and off-season when the weather is less predictable and activity at the course is slow.

The day of the week is just as important as the time of year when setting a date for your event. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days for a golf course and costs will certainly reflect that. The best rates are offered Monday through Thursday. Keep in mind that most private golf clubs are closed to members on Mondays and will host public golf events on those days. Most private courses will require a referral from an existing member to gain access to the golf course for your event.

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