How the New Hampshire Jump$tart Coalition “Builds Momentum”

The New Hampshire Jump$tart Coalition is a great example of how to successfully build momentum for a fundraising golf event.

Starting with an event in 2008, Dan Hebert and his team have increased their net revenue by 50% over the last 15 years.

As with many fundraising golf events, Dan found it a challenge to acquire sponsors and players.

“This changed when I engaged the services of and began a partnership with Perfect Golf Event,” said Dan. “From their robust tournament website to the player gifts and packages and the unique and appealing signage choices, the look and feel of the event was elevated. But most of all, the suggestions from PGE regarding format and interesting contests with unique prizes has made the difference.”

In identifying sponsors and players, Dan approaches organizational sponsors first with the understanding that there will be limited dollars available, so he tries to keep the sponsorship level appropriate and relevant to their situation.

Dan explained “For players, our approach has been to take a multi-year view by making the current event fun and interesting, so they leave with the feeling that they want to play this event next year. Additionally, with the unique format of play, we use social media advertising to reach a targeted audience of golfers in New Hampshire.”

Based on his experience, Dan has some tips to help your event:

  • Selecting the right golf course is key! Many of our players come to our event because they do not have the opportunity to play this course often.
  • Understand the generational differences between golfers. Retired golfers are content to stay on a course all day while younger golfers want a faster speed of play because of other possible commitments they have after the event.
  • If doing a raffle table with tickets, select the winning ticket while the golfers are playing and have them posted on a board as they come in off the course. This avoids the lengthy calling out the winning tickets during the ceremony.
  • Happy, supportive volunteers are also key! They represent the organization, and they need to show enthusiasm and personality to maintain the fun atmosphere.
  • We do an evaluation after each event and do try to mix up the activities from year to year. Again, with the limitation of an all-volunteer organization, the key for us is to make the event memorable and fun so players come back year after year.

About the New Hampshire Jump$tart Coalition

The NH Jump$tart Coalition is a statewide, all volunteer, non-profit association dedicated to improving the personal financial literacy of children in the Granite State. The mission of the New Hampshire Jump$tart Coalition is to advance youth financial literacy and financial equity, through communication, collaboration, and support for effectiveness in financial education.

Their vision is for personal finance to be included in the education of all students. NH Jump$tart provides the collaboration needed to ensure this education. We have a unique proposition because NH Jump$tart is a coalition of organizations and individuals, which share a commitment to the financial education of youth. Working collaboratively, more resources and expertise are available to accomplish this task.