$500,000 Shot


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A $500,000 Shot is a great way to get players excited about your golf tournament! Use it as a raffle prize or have it be a closest to the pin contest. It also comes with a customized sponsor sign.

  • The $500,000 Shot shot is just what the name implies – a shot for $500,000.
  • Imagine the excitement you create by offering this as a part of your event.
  • One player has a chance to make a hole in one from 165 yards. If they make the shot, they receive $500,000!
  • The shot can be taken on any hole, but we recommend a hole near the clubhouse so everyone can watch.
  • When you purchase a $500,000 shot, you have coverage so that if someone makes the shot, you do not have to provide the cash – we provide it as part of your $500,000 shot package.

How to Raise Money with a $500,000 Shot:

  • A $500,000 shot costs $195 per shot.
  • Excellent sponsorship opportunity for $500 – $1,000
  • Use the shot for:
    • Chipping or Putting contest prize – Player who wins competition gets to take the shot
    • Raffle prize – Players enter into a raffle to take the Shot
  • You provide the sponsor with a sign displaying the company name on the hole they sponsor, in addition to recognition at your event.

$500,000 is paid in cash, not an annuity!




Terms and Conditions

$500,000 Shot Terms and Conditions

How to Conduct a $500,000 Shot (Video)

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