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A Million Dollar Shot is a perfect way to end your Charity Golf Tournament! Perfect Golf Event provides you with coverage and a customized sponsor sign.

Million Dollar Shot Details:

  • The $1 million shot is just what the name implies – a shot for $1 million.
  • Imagine the excitement you create by offering this as a part of your event.
  • One player has a chance to make a hole in one from 165 yards (150 yards for women). If they make the shot, they receive $1 million.
  • The shot can be taken on any hole, but we recommend a hole near the clubhouse so everyone can watch.
  • When you purchase a $1 million shot, you have coverage so that if someone makes the shot, you do not have to provide the cash – we provide it as part of your $1 million shot package.

$1 Million is Paid as a 40-year annuity.





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How to Run a $1,000,000 Shot (Video)