Million Dollar Shot


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A Million Dollar Shot is a perfect way to end your Charity Golf Tournament! Perfect Golf Event provides you with coverage and a customized sponsor sign.

Million Dollar Shot Details:

  • The $1 million dollar shot is just what the name implies – a $1 million hole in one attempt.
  • Imagine the excitement you create by offering this as a part of your event.
  • One player has a chance to make a $1 million hole in one from 165 yards (150 yards for women). If they make the shot, they receive a million dollars which is covered by hole in one insurance from a A++ Rated (Superior) insurance company.
  • The shot can be taken on any hole, but we recommend a hole near the clubhouse so everyone can watch.
  • When you purchase a $1 million golf shot, you have coverage so that if someone makes the shot, you do not have to provide the cash – we provide it as part of your $1 million shot package.

$1 Million is Paid as a 40-year annuity.

Not Sure where to begin?   Get a custom quote from one of our professional fundraising coaches.

What is Hole in One Insurance?

Hole in One Insurance is purchased by Golf Tournaments to add excitement to their events! The hole in one prize can be anything with a value such as a brand new car, a trip to Pebble Beach or $10,000 Cash. If you have hole in one insurance setup at your event, and one of the players makes a hole-in-one, the hole in one insurance provider pays the big prizes. Perfect Golf Event has setup a wide selection of unique Hole in One Contests that will be sure to excite your players on the day of your event.   Simple online Hole in One Insurance Quote process!

How much does Hole in One Insurance cost?

Rates are determined by the cash value of the prize, the distance of the hole and the number of players that will take a shot. For instance a $10,000 Hole in One Contest for 144 players at 150 yards is $300 and the pricing includes a full-color contest sign. Each of our standard hole in one contests is priced for 144 players at 150 yards.    We will customize a quote based on your specific event.   Our insurance packages are specially designed for Golf Charity Events.

Based on the golf club (golf hole), number of players, and the amount of the prize, our simple online quote process will get your golf tournament ready to promote. As the leader in the industry in providing Golf Tournament Websites we’re standing by to help you develop a grand prize that will help promote your event to sponsors, players, and volunteers.

Hole in One Prize

If you would like to receive a quote on a custom hole in one contest, enter your information here and one of our Golf Event Coaches will send a written quote by email with an attached PDF.   How much does Hole in One Insurance cost?   Maybe as little as $150 to add excitement to your event.   Want something unique for your golf shot?   Check out these Hole in One Contests.

Shootout/Million Dollar Shot Coverage Terms