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Is your event stagnant? Are you looking for a new and exciting format for this year’s event instead of the traditional 4-person scramble? Do you want to attract more golfers and raise more money? Then it’s time you look at our newest offering, the Par 3 Challenge package!

Set up your event with 9 Par 3 holes and 9 regulation holes. Most golf courses have 4 Par 3 holes, so you just move the tee box up on five other holes.

The Par 3 Challenge Package is our ultimate Hole-in-One package offering your players more opportunities to win hole in one prizes and a quicker pace of play. This package also provides your organization with more opportunities to sell sponsorships for every insured par 3 hole.

Once the round is complete, the excitement doesn’t end! Take the closest-to-the pin winners on all your insured Par 3s and host a Shootout for $100,000 to see if someone wins the grand prize.

Purchase the Par 3 Challenge package to be the one event everyone is talking about in your area!

Par 3 Challenge – 9 Holes

Package Includes:

  • Nine (9) $5,000 Hole in One Contests (minimum of 150 yards for men and 130 yards for women)
  • $100,000 Shootout for nine (9) players (minimum of 165 yards for men and 150 yards for women)
  • Ten (10) complimentary 24″ x 18″ signs (one for each contest listed above) – The signs are full color and can be customized with a Sponsor Logo and the Event Name

If you would like a quote on a custom Par 3 Challenge, please email us at [email protected] or call (877) 764-1361.

Shootout and hole in one coverage is backed by A++ rated insurance.

Additional Information


Once you purchase the package, Customer Service will send you the information on submitting the logos for the signs.

Questions? Contact [email protected]

How Hole in One Contests Work

  • If a golfer makes a hole in one, they win the prize featured on that hole.
  • You can sell a sponsorship for each hole.
  • The minimum yardage for the shot is 150 yards for men and 130 yards for women

How a Shootout Works

  • The shootout is an exciting concept and a high profile event at golf tournaments everywhere.
  • Four golfers participate. The golfers can be the winning foursome or golfer selected at random from a raffle (a good way to raise more money)
  • The Shootout is held on a hole near the clubhouse so everyone can watch. The distance is 165 yards and can be taken from the fairway.
  • You hold the Shootout after golf with a viewing area set up with refreshments.
  • Each golfer takes a shot and, if they make it, they win the cash prize

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