Signature Event Plus Package



Our Signature Event Plus Package is a new offering for 2018! This package includes FOUR Hole in One Contests, a putting contest, a long drive contest and a shootout to end the day. What a great way to attract more players and sponsors!

Signature Event Plus Package Details:

  • Putting Contest for a Trip to The Players Championship(see trip details below) – One player gets final putt from 50 feet
    • “Guaranteed Winner” 7-night resort stay for putting contest winner
    • $1 Million Shot to use as a Raffle
  • Hole in One Contests
    • $10,000 cash
    • Pebble Beach Vacation for Two
    • Hawaii Vacation
    • NFL Away Game Package
  • Women’s Long Drive Contest – Free Round of Golf or Spa Day**
  • Men’s Long Drive Contest- VIP Tickets
  • 4- Player $1 Million Golfer Shootout
  • Four (4) First Place Prizes – Golf Tower Award
  • (Requires 30-day lead time)

  • Eight (8) Full Color Contest Signs

*If the final putt is made, the winner receives two tickets to The Players for all four days, $1,000 Airfare Credit, $1,000 Food/Beverage Credit and $1,000 Hotel Credit.

**Up to $100 Value




Additional Information

Signs and Banners:

Customized signs are included for the Hole in One Contest, Putting Contest,  Long Drive and Closest to the Pin Contest and Shootout.

Once you purchase the Signature Event Plus package, Customer Service will send you the information on submitting the logos for the banner and the signs.  All banner and sign information required 10 business days prior to your event to avoid rush shipping.

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How to Run a Putting Contest

  • Players sign up for the contest. Most events charge a fee to play to raise more money. For example, $10 per putt or 3 putts for $25
  • Set the putt length on the practice putting green from 60’-100’, don’t make it easy.
  • Putters qualify for the final round by being the closest to the hole.
  • The 3 golfers closest to the pin from the qualifying round will participate in the finals.
  • For the finals, the 3 finalist take one more putt and whoever is closest, wins.
  • The winner receives a Carnival Cruise. You can give the other two finalists a consolation prize.
  • The golf course professional can help with the putting contest set up.

How Hole in One Contests Work

  • This contest is held on the par 3 holes at the golf course hosting your event.
  • If a golfer makes a hole in one, they win the prize featured on that hole.
  • You can sell a sponsorship for each hole.
  • The minimum yardage for the shot is usually 150 -165 yards and 15 yards closer for women.

How the Long Drive Contests Work

  • Longest drive Contests recognize the “big hitters” in your event. Choose a hole that is long and fairly straight, usually a Par 5
  • The person with the first long drive writes their name on a marker (the golf course will provide one for your event) placed in the fairway. This continues until the last group completes your event.
  • Ask the golf professional at your course for the best long drive contest hole.

How a Closest to the Pin Contest Works

  • This contest is also held on a par 3 and can be run at the same time as your hole-in-one contest or if your course has more than 4 Par 3 holes, use this contest on the fifth par 3.
  • The object is to be the golfer that hits the ball closest to the hole for the day and to win a prize.
  • The golf course will provide you with a measuring/recording device to place on the hole.
  • Golfer measures and record results throughout the day.
  • The golfer closest at the end of the day, wins the prize.

How a Shootout Works

  • The shootout is an exciting concept and a high profile event at golf tournaments everywhere.
  • Four golfers participate. The golfers can be the winning foursome or golfer selected at random from a raffle (a good way to raise more money)
  • The Shootout is held on a hole near the clubhouse so everyone can watch. The distance is 165 yards and can be taken from the fairway.
  • You hold the Shootout after golf with a viewing area set up with refreshments.
  • Each golfer takes a shot and, if they make it, they win the cash prize

Terms and Conditions

Million Dollar Shot Terms and Conditions

Putting Contest Terms and Conditions

Hole-in-One Terms and Conditions

How to Run a Putting Contest (Video)

How to Run a Million Dollar Shot (Video)

7-night Resort Stay Terms and Conditions

VIP Ticket Terms and Conditions