Charity Golf Volunteers

In order to host a successful event you need to have charity golf volunteers you can count on. You need people you can trust to perform under pressure when you are not available. As the tournament organizer it will be your job to recruit charity golf volunteers. There are potential volunteers everywhere although your own organization is still the best place to recruit volunteers. It seems the great majority of volunteers recruited are directly linked to the volunteers already working within your organization: friends, neighbors, relatives, colleagues.

When you have found your charity golf volunteers you must focus on keeping them. Having a core group of volunteers every year will ensure a successful outing for many years to come.

Here are a few ways to keep your volunteers loyal to the golf tournament:

  1. Once volunteers are recruited develop opportunities for them to get involved right away. They could brainstorm gift ideas, make follow up phone calls, help prepare mailings, etc.
  2. Have clear goals and expectations for each volunteer. Hold them accountable to meet all objectives.
  3. Make sure volunteers understand the importance of the job they are doing and how their success will impact the entire event.
  4. If your budget allows, give gifts to your volunteers. If your budget does not allow for gifts, give each volunteer a personal “Thank You.”
  5. Recognize all the volunteers and their work during the dinner/awards ceremony after golf.

Make sure the day of the event keep your charity golf volunteers busy! Helping with event preparation adds to the success of any outing. Volunteers can help stuff goodie bags, post signage, and set name tags. It helps to have the volunteers in constant communication with one another. Some can be assigned as greeters while others may help with the registration process, food areas, golf carts, and special contest before the first tee off.

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